Show #201: Alligator on the Loose When reptile expert Jules Sylvester visits the studio with baby alligator Daisy, the Kidsongs kids learn a valuable lesson about the importance of teamwork when Daisy slips out of her cage and everyone pitches in to help find her. Billy Biggle pitches in too, and lets kids know that it’s good to be scared about certain things and suggests one way of dealing with your fears is to learn more about the things that scare you. Special Guest: Jules Sylvester with alligator Daisy Songs: Fiddle-I-Dee Mulberry Bush Join the Band See You Later, Alligator Fishing’ Blues Down by the Bay Little Deuce Coupe Let’s Twist Again

Show #202: A Fish Story Jim Clarke, one of Shamu’s trainers from Sea World in Florida is the special guest on this show which introduces viewers to intelligent marine mammals, including whales and dolphins. In an effort to share some very interesting things they learned about the creatures that live in the ocean, the Kidsongs Kids borrow an idea from talk show host David Letterman--the top ten list—and realize that facts can be fun. Special Guest: Jim Clarke (Whale/Dolphin trainer) Songs: Sea Cruise Three Little Fishies The Name Game Farmer in the Dell Splish Splash Water World Bumping’ Up and Down Silly Willy

Show #203: Billy’s Tummy Ache The learning theme is colors (the guest is Pierre the Painter) and letters (music video Bingo). Pierre shows the kids that by mixing the primary colors a certain way, they can make all the colors of the rainbow. Pierre demonstrates the painting techniques of Pissaro, Van Gogh and Jackson Pollack. Billy learns how sweet and enjoyable candy is, after he discovers some backstage. He is warned by the kids (all of whom have chosen healthy snacks), that too much candy will cause a stomach ache. Billy doesn’t listen and when he eats too much he changes color from green to pint, pink to purple. Billy explains that Biggles don’t get fevers when they’re sick, instead they change colors. The kids ask Billy what Biggle land is like and he explains that it’s beautiful and they have all kinds of healthy things to eat. And no candy. Special Guest: Pierre the Painter Songs: Talk to the Animals Boom Boom, Ain’t it Great to be Crazy Shortenin’ Bread How Much is that Doggie in the Window Oh Dear, What Should the Color Be? Caissons go Rolling BINGO I’ve Been Working on the Railroad

Show #204: Gentlemen, Start Your Engines! The show theme is modes of transportation with an emphasis on safety. Billy helps Kevin who is feeling jealous because he's not interviewing the show guest, race car driver Jimmy Vasser. Billy not only learns what jealousy is, but helps Kevin overcome his, by caring about his feelings, being a good friend and demonstrating that some things turn out a lot better than you think they will.Billy changes from small to big, then back to small several times in the show, growing to kid-size to whisper in Melanee's ear. Billy shows how to play along with the sing along, "The Bus Song". Special Guest: Jimmy Vasser Songs: Wanderer Wild Blue Yonder (US Air Force Song) Daylight Train A Pirate’s Life Drivin’ My Life Away I Get Around Car Car Song The Bus Song Loopty Loo

Show #205: The Mail Must Go Through Despite the serious topic of the many responsibilities of the U.S. Postal Service, Billy and the kids prepare a fun show and show their silly side by giggling, wearing silly hats and picking silly music videos for the show. Billy compares himself to the Purple People Eater (a character in one of the music videos) by saying, "We are both fantasy creatures who love kids, music and playing around. And we both fly." Billy is worried because he needs to learn how to count for the sing along music video. Billy finds it difficult and wants to give up, but Melanee tells him if he sticks with it, we will succeed. He does, and Billy learns how to count forward and backward, and he's thrilled! Special Guest: Postal Worker Debra Amaya Songs: Purple People Eater Why Don’t you Write Me? Candy Man We’re Gonna Get Wet Michael Finnegan Mail Myself to You Ten in the Bed The Kickin’ Mule Old Hen

Show #206: Teamwork The kids are excited to learn about and meet a live reindeer, who is a guest on the show. The learning theme is teamwork and how essential it is to the success of the show. Many of the kids talk about how they would like to have someone else's job because they are restless in their current position. Billy shows how each person's job is very important in relation to those they work with and to the whole production. The kids and Billy learn that part of the fun is the help they give their teammates. (Example: Chris realizes that Janet relies on him to write her interview questions.) Billy goes from small (standing on the desk) to 3 feet tall while talking to the kids. Special Guest: Rick Clark with Reindeer Songs: The Thing Do Your Ears Hang Low? Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On Little Bo Peep Frosty the Snowman Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer This Old Man If I Had a Hammer

Show #207: Where in the World is Billy Biggle The guest is Los Angeles Police Officer Maria Tomes who talks about her job and gives safety tips for kids. The kids choose music videos about America. The network executives ask the kids include geography as well. Billy helps the kids by shrinking and standing on a map of the United States and jumping to the different cities they talk about. Billy learns what a dictionary is and how to use it. He has to grow tall to reach the top of the bookcase to get it. Billy says that his mom would be so proud of him. Billy chooses "Saints Go Marching' In" for the sing along. For the intro, Billy shows us where New Orleans is on the map and talks about how the song was made popular there. Special Guest: Police Officer Maria Tomes Songs: If You’re Happy and you Know It Old MacDonald Had a Farm Home on the Range Take me Out to the Ballgame Livin’ in the USA Mr. Policeman The Saints Go Marching

Show #208: Katie’s Little Lie The guest on the show is child actor Raven-Symone. Billy helps Katie fix a situation when she tells Janet a little lie, that she knows Raven-Symone personally from dance class when they really just went to the same dance school. As the news spreads among the kids, the story gets misconstrued and comes back that Katie is best friends with Raven-Symone. Katie does not set the record straight when she has the opportunity, and is miserable because of it. Katie confides in Billy and he tells her that even Biggles exaggerate and tell lies sometimes, and that even though it's difficult, she must tell the truth. Katie does and feels much better. Billy goes from kid-size to little enough to sit on Katie's makeup table. Billy, along with the hosts of the show, demonstrates how to sing and play along to "Jim Along Josie". Special Guest: Raven-Symone Songs: Down by the Station Over the River Rockin’ Robin Rig-A-Jig-Jig Rodeo Rider The More we Get Together Jim Along Josie The Bear Went Over the Mountain Funiculi, Funicula

Show #209: Just a Little Magic Billy learns what practice is and its importance in becoming good at something. Billy says that he likes to have fun, which doesn't take much practice. But later in the show Billy is unhappy and, for a change, one of the kids helps him solve his problem. Billy feels left out because he doesn't work hard on a hobby like many of the kids. Megan tells him that it's alright to just be really interested in things, that it doesn't have to be a hobby you practice all the time. Billy, now recovered, excitedly shows how everyone can clap, kick and hop to the sing along, "Join In The Game". In this show Billy also learns what a cowboy is after assuming it's a male cow, and we learn that Billy's favorite part of the circus are the clowns because they're silly. Special Guest: Joey Kabosius (Magician) Songs: Fooba Wooba John Practice Makes Perfect Oh Suzanna The Circus is Coming to Town Over in the Meadow Skip to my Lou Come on and Join in the Game

Show #210: Pizza, Pizza Kevin proves how good a salesman he is by selling raffle tickets to raise money for his school. Billy is small, standing next to Katie's wallet as she purchases a raffle ticket from Kevin. Sad that he can't buy one, he grows to kid-size and says that Biggles don't have money. Katie buys one for him so that he won't feel left out. Gifted saxophonist Dave Koz is the guest. Billy learns that he, too, is gifted because he's so good with his sing-alongs. Billy demonstrates the choreography to "Hound Dog.” Special Guest: Dave Koz (Saxophonist) Songs: Turkey in the Straw Catch a Wave Campfire Medley Bend Me, Shape Me Mary Had a Little Lamb Whistle While you Work Hound Dog Down by the Bay

Show #211: Just a Little Bit of History The guest is Coast Guard Lt. Pete Barnett, and interview emphases water safety. Billy Biggle comes to the rescue as the Kidsongs kids are struggling to find a way to put information about history into the show. Billy, who is inquisitive by nature, asks questions about the music videos pertaining to history and the kids write the answers into the show. Billy loves learning about the flags of different nations, since Biggleland has no flags. Billy explains how to sing loud and soft for the sing along, "John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt". Special Guest: Lt. Pete Barnett (From the Coast Guard) Songs: Harmony Racoon & Possum She’ll Be Comin’ Round the Mountain Grand Old Flag Green Grass Grows all Around John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt Sea Cruise Deep in the Heart of Texas

Show #212: Circus Day At the opening of the show Billy is doing a little jig and singing the Kidsongs theme. Billy wonders why the hosts say the same thing at the beginning of each show. They explain that it's the motto of the show and then explain to Billy what a motto is. Billy grows taller than the kids to help place circus props on the set, then shrinks back to his usual small size. Billy decides he wants to be the show's jester for the day and dresses up in a court jester hat with a staff. Billy tells silly jokes and puns throughout the show to make the kids laugh since they are working so hard. At the end of the show, Billy wonders if he was funny enough and a success a court jester. The kids say that he was, but that he doesn't have to make them laugh to be their friend; they think he is adorable and they love him just the way he his. Billy's demonstrates how to do the "Hokey Pokey", the sing along video of the show. Special Guest: Chip Lowell (Juggler) Songs: Chickie, Chickie Beat Put on a Happy Face The Ringmaster Song The Lion Tamer Strolling Through the Park One Day Polly Wolly Doodle You Know That You Can Do It Hokey Pokey

Show #213: Dinosaur Day Billy has fun ad-libbing some of his lines in this episode about dinosaurs. While discussing dinosaurs, Billy learns some new things: Fossils, Archeology, Paleontology and what a vegetarian is. Billy decides he would like to go exploring for bones since he likes to dig. Kevin is teased for telling corny jokes like Billy. Billy reviews numbers and letters in the sing along, "Teacher Medley". Special Guest: Ariana Richards (from Jurassic Park) Songs: Act Naturally Name Game Teacher Medley Where Oh Where Water World Caissons Go Rolling Fishing Blues The Thing

Show #214: Around the World In Thirty Minutes Billy wears a Tam O' Shanter in keeping with the International theme of the show. Billy sets the tone for other kids on the show to wear hats from the different cultures represented in the music videos. While introducing the music videos, Billy stands on a world map and talks about the geography, history and cultures of different countries. Special Guest: Bruce Farrar a bagpipe playing Scotsman Songs: Funiculi Funicula Saku Ra Saku Ra Kumbaya Los Politos America’s Heroes Livin’ In The USA Did You Ever See A Lassie Waltzing Matilda

Show #215: Recycled TV The topic of the show is recycling. Billy learns what it means to recycle and loves the idea of helping the environment. Billy helps get the whole station involved in the kids' recycling drive. For the introduction to "Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On" Billy says that he doesn't like rollercoasters which is unusual because he usually likes what kids like. Billy shrinks in order to sit on one of the cameras to talk to Mark, the cameraperson. Special Guest: Jules Sylvester and his iguana Chiquita Songs: Take Me Out To The Ballgame Day-O Join In The Game Purple People Eater Fiddle-I-Dee This Old Man Whole Lotta Shakin’ What …Color Be

Show #216: Change For The Better Chris has to fill in as technical director, so throughout the show Billy zaps in to help him find the right buttons on the console. Billy tries to find out what is troubling Hassan. Hassan says that he has trouble talking about his feelings, fearing what other people may think of him. Billy makes Hassan feel more at ease by telling him that he's a friend and would never make fun of his feelings. Hassan explains that he will be going to a new school and he's upset because he will miss his friends and won't know anyone at the new school. Billy helps Hassan by talking to the other kids about their experiences in changing schools. Billy comes back to Hassan with advice from all of the kids on how to make this difficult transition. Special Guest Mark Hardin and a baby Chimpanzee Songs: Workin’ On The Railroad Bear Went Over The Mountain Five Little Monkeys Over In The Meadow Drivin’ My Life Away Shortenin’ Bread Three Little Fishes Why Don’t You Write Me

Show #217: Olympian Dreams Billy introduces himself at the beginning of the show as a friend, sing along leader and official cheerer upper! Billy learns what the Olympics are when Bart Conner and Nadia Comaneci are guests. Billy introduces a new addition to the show--Billy Biggle's Information Center. With help from the kids, the information center is Billy's chance to do the teaching. In this episode, he discusses what life was like in ancient Greece around the time of the first Olympics. Special Guest: Nadia Comaneci and Bart Conner Songs: Bend Me, Shape Me Over The River Silly Willy You Know You Can Do it Splish Splash Practice Makes Perfect Old Hen Whistle While You Work

Show #218: Responsibility The learning theme of the show is responsibility and the guest is a puppeteer. When Janet relies on Melanee to prepare some things for the show and Melanee lets her down, Billy helps solve the problem and the bad feelings between the two girls. Billy quickly enlists some of the kids to help Melanee get her project together. Billy explains to Melanee that it's what friends are for, and that everyone one messes up sometime, even Billy Biggle when he misses his cue to intro the sing along! Special Guest: Puppeteer Howard Barnett Songs: Bingo Down By The Bay Sea Cruise Teacher Medley More We Get Together Mary Had A Little Lamb Hound Dog Racoon & Possum Strolling Through The Park

Show #219: Aviation Adventures The guests on the show are Kara and Kimberly Albright, eight-year-old pilots, setting a world record. Billy learns what a world record is, and helps the kids research some for Billy's Information Center. Billy also uses his new research skills to add some interesting and unusual facts into the show during the music video intros, such as what police are called in different countries. Billy learns what aeronautical means, as well as how to pronounce it, and shares some interesting facts about aviation. Special Guest: Kara and Kimberly Albright Songs: Happy Face Mail Myself Mr. Policeman This Old Man Wanderer The Thing Wild Blue Yonder I Like Trucks

Show #220: I Need a Little Pasta In this episode Billy wears a chef's hat and apron and the kids learn about foods from all over the world. Much of the learning comes from the kids talking to one another about their ethnic backgrounds and the families' traditional foods. In "Billy's Kitchen", Billy teaches all about pasta. Janet helps him and is shrunk down to Billy size only after making him promise that he'll make her big again! Janet puts on a chef's outfit and she and Billy mix all of the ingredients and make different types of pasta. Billy gets so into it that he even speaks a little Italian. Special Guest: Restaurateur Frank Miceli Song: Old MacDonald Take Me Out To the Ballgame John J, Jingleheimer Smith Spaghetti Animal Medley Skip To My Lou Footloose Anything You Can Do

Show #221: I Can’t Play Sports The theme of the show is sports and good sportsmanship. Janessa is upset and tells Billy that everyone is better than she at sports and games. Trying to cheer her up, Billy reminds her that she not only the best student in her class, but also class president. Janessa doesn't feel any better, saying that she still wishes she was a good athlete. Billy decides it's time to bring his big sister Ruby from Biggleland to help with the problem. Billy chooses "See Ya Later, Alligator" as the sing along and describes the many ways to play along to the song. Ruby enjoys seeing her little brother sing and dance on television. Special Guest: Vlade Divac Los Angeles Lakers team member Songs: Anything You Can Do Centerfield Win or Lose Them Bones Footloose Bumpin” Up & Down Later, Alligator

Show #222: A Community Assignment The guest on the show is a capuchin monkey. But as Billy points out, "He's not as cute and furry as me!" The network execs have given the kids a community assignment; helping a homeless shelter. They are very excited about doing something that can really make a difference, but they need Billy's help to figure out exactly what they should do. Billy tells them not to worry, because they always find a way when they put their heads together. With Ruby's help, Billy has everyone figure out what their talents are, so that they can sell their services to raise money for the shelter. The kids not only work together, but enlist the help of family, friends and neighbors. Special Guest: Mark Harden and his capuchin monkey Songs: Five Little Monkeys London Bridge Animal Medley Splish Splash Little Deuce Coupe Bingo Farmer in the Dell Three Little Fishes

Show #223: Megan’s Bad Day Megan is obviously having a bad day and isn't telling anyone what is bothering her. Ruby helps her open up and explain her troubles. Megan explains that when her mom told her she was having a new baby, Megan was not happy about it, and her mom was disappointed. Ruby explains that a lot of kids feel the same way when faced with that situation and explains to Megan the good things that will come from having a little brother or sister. Megan talks to her mom on the phone about it and feels much better. Ruby comments on how much Billy loves his sing alongs and explains that all Biggles love to sing and dance, since Biggleland is a very musical and magical place. Chris suggests that maybe one day Ruby can lead the sing along. Ruby answers that only if Billy wants her to, since she wouldn't want to take anything away from her little brother. Janet is impressed with Ruby and Billy and how they don't have a sharing problem. Special Guest: Mark Harden and his martial eagle Marimbo Songs: Michael Finnegan Ears Hang Low I Like Trucks Daylight Train Ten In The Bed Talk To The Animals Pirate’s Life Gonna Get Wet Car Car Song

Show #224: Safety First The topic of the show is safety for kids. Billy and Ruby help host the show by giving a safety tip and then introducing the music videos. Billy appears in a fire fighter's helmet to introduce the guest, Fire Capt. Steve Ruda, and learns what it means to have a noble profession. Billy demonstrates how to pretend to be airplanes soaring through the sky in the sing along, "Wild Blue Yonder". Special Guest: Captain Steve Ruda of the Los Angeles Fire Department Songs: I Want To Be A Fireman Wild Blue Yonder Mail Myself Let’s Twist Again I Get Around The Bus Song Jim Along Josie

Show #225: Professor Majorchord’s Music Lesson Billy and Ruby explain why they are called Biggles-because they can be big or little! The theme of the show is music and musical instruments. Billy gets into the act when he pulls out a piccolo and plays a few notes. Billy says that he especially likes drums and demonstrates on a tympani drum. Billy plays different musical instruments during the sing along, "Here We Go 'Round the Mulberry Bush" while Ruby shows the movements to follow along. Special Guest: Professor Majorchord Songs: Spaghetti Loopty Loo Join The Band Doggie In The Window Mulberry Bush Circus Is Coming Candyman Boom Boom Ain’t It

Show #226: Weather Biggle The theme of the show is weather and the guest is a television weatherman. Billy and Ruby learn what weather is and how it affects the air. Billy explains that they don't have snow and hail in Biggleland, but they do have rain. Throughout the show Billy asks questions of the hosts about the sky, clouds, rain, snow, and hail. With all of this new information, Billy decides that weather is his favorite subject. Ruby wonders if the weather is the same all over the world, so she and the kids take a look at climate maps and discuss climate patterns in other parts of the world. Katie asks what the weather is like in Biggleland and Ruby tells them that the sky is pink and golden yellow in the day a beautiful dark purple at night. The weather is always nice with warm temperatures, a soft wind and occasional spring showers. Billy chooses "Old MacDonald Had A Farm" for the sing along, explaining how to make the different animal noises. Special Guest: Weatherman Christopher Nance Songs: Fooba Wooba Home On The Range If I Had A Hammer Kickin’ Mule Farmer In The Dell Them Bones Old MacDonald Saints Go Marching

Show #227: Wild West Fever The kids get in a wild west mood and Charmayne Rodman, women's barrel racing champion, appears on the show. Billy and Ruby are fascinated by this time in American history. They learn about Native American culture and realize that Biggles and Biggleland are a different culture as well. Billy learns another new word-nomadic. Billy chooses a song with a western theme, "Rig-A-Jig-Jig", for the sing along. He and Ruby look the part dressed in western wear; cowboy hat, bandanna and chaps. Special Guest: Charmayne Rodman Songs: Rodeo Rider Deep In The Heart Of Texas She’ll Be Comin’ Round the Mountain Rig-A-Jig-Jig Turkey In The Straw Campfire Medley Oh, Susanna Fiddle-I-Dee

Show #228: Birthday Blues Billy enjoys helping the hosts introduce the music videos while Ruby tries to figure out what is bothering Alexandra. Ruby realizes that Alexandra thinks everyone has forgotten her birthday. Little does she know, the kids are throwing her a surprise party after the show. Ruby wishes her a happy birthday, which cheers her, but doesn't give away the surprise. After the show Alexandra is very thrilled about the surprise party and impressed by all of the kids' hard work. Billy declares that he loves birthday parties and would like one of his own this year. Ruby replies, "Let's go ask mom". Special Guest: Canadian cellist Brendan Milbank Songs: Talk To The Animals Polly Wolly Doodle Michael Finnegan Water World Catch A Wave Little Bo Peep Hokey Pokey Chickie Chickie Beat

Show #229: Sign Language Communication The theme of the show is deafness and sign language communication. The guest is 13-year-old Sandra Carpe and her interpreter. In the beginning of the show Megan teaches her fellow control booth kids some American Sign Language that she learned from a neighbor. Special Guest: Sandra Carpe Songs: Gonna Get Wet Jim Along Josie Yankee Doodle Dandy Rockin’ Robin Green Grass Grows Purple People Eater Act Naturally Ears Hang Low

Show #230: A Kidsong Kids Best Friend The theme of the show is all about dogs and the guest is a dog trainer. Melanee is trying to figure out what kind of dog to get, so she consults the kids about dogs they have and what makes them a good pet. Billy and Ruby also learn about dogs, particularly the role Dalmatians played with fire fighters in the centuries ago. Ruby helps Melanee choose the best breed of dog for her. They decide on a mixed breed from the pound. Melanee is thrilled with the idea of getting a dog that really needs a home. Billy leads a patriotic sing along with "Yankee Doodle Dandy", while waving a U.S. flag. Special Guest: Dog trainer Clint Rowe Songs: Them Bones Day-O Join In The Game Harmony Want To Be A Fireman Down By The Station Centerfield Five Little Monkeys

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