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A Fish Story was the second episode of Season 2 of The Kidsongs Television Show.

Plot Overview

The Kidsongs Kids discover the marine & water world to look at the types of animals there. Janet interviews Jim Clarke of Sea World to talk about dolphins.


  • Top Ten Facts (first appearance)
  • Sing Along with Billy Biggle
  • Question Time with Special Guest


  • "Sea Cruise" (What I Want to Be!)
  • "3 Little Fishes" (Play Along Songs)
  • "The Name Game" (Very Silly Songs)
  • "The Farmer in the Dell" (If We Could Talk to the Animals)
  • "Splish Splash" (Ride the Rollercoaster)
  • "Water World" (A Day with the Animals)
  • "Bumpin' Up and Down" (Play Along Songs)
  • "Do the Silly Willy" (Very Silly Songs)


  • This was the first time Chris Aguilar did Top 10 Fascinating Facts, which he did with fish. The second time being A Community Assignment, where Chris has done fascinating facts about monkeys.
  • It revealed that flounder fish have colors of blue and yellow, in which Billy Biggle thinks that kids would change color too.
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