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All Together Now is the 1st episode of the fourth season of The Kidsongs Television Show. It was renamed Let's Be Friends in 2008.


A nervous new Kidsongs cast and crew take over the show. Behind the scenes, the kids learn that working together is the key to making something a success.



The Biggles

The Kidsongs Kids

Special Guest

  • All-4-One


  1. The Kidsongs TV Show Theme
  2. In The Good Old Summertime (from Kidsongs: I Can Do It!)
  3. Bicycle Built For Two (from Kidsongs: I Can Do It!)
  4. Button Up Your Overcoat! (from Kidsongs: I Can Do It!)
  5. Me and My Shadow (from Kidsongs: I Can Put on a Show)
  6. The More We Get Together (from Kidsongs: A Day at Camp)
  7. Look What I Can Do (from Kidsongs: I Can Do It!)
  8. Old MacDonald Had a Farm (by All-4-One)
  9. I Can Love You Like That (by All-4-One)
  10. The Caissons Go Rolling Along (from Kidsongs: A Day at Camp)
  11. Boom Boom, Ain't It Great to be Crazy? (from Kidsongs: A Day at Camp)




  • Mrs. Wilson: This is Stage One, also known as the Kidsongs Studio.
  • Mr. Frost: Oh, I'm truly impressed.
  • Mrs. Wilson: Here's the main set with the host and interview areas. Good morning, children.
  • All: Good morning, Mrs. Wilson.
  • Mrs. Wilson: I'd like to welcome you all to the Kidsongs TV Show. And I'd like introduce you to our new head of children's programming, Mr. Frost.