Alligator On The Loose  is the 1st episode of the second season of The Kidsongs TV Show.

Plot Overview

Guest Jules Sylvester's trained alligator escapes her cage. It frightens female co-host Alexandra, who has always been afraid of alligators. At the height of the studio's intensity, Billy Biggle helps Alexandra understand it's OK to fear things.


  • Question Time with Special Guest
  • Sing-Along with Billy Biggle



  • This was the debut of the revival Kidsongs TV Show, this time on the American non-commercial television network PBS.


  • Mrs. Wilson: What else do have planned for this episode?
  • Janet: Oh, we have a fun song that encourages kids to do their chores and teaches the days of the week at the same.
  • Mr. Forbes: That sounds good. What song is that?
  • Hassan: "Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush".
  • Mrs. Wilson: Oh. You know, I'm just a little considered about the amount of information you're putting in the show. Do you have a guest coming in the studio today?
  • Janet: Oh, yes. We have a wonderful guest, Jules Sylvester. He's bringing us some baby alligators.
  • Mrs. Wilson: Perfect.
  • Kevin: And we have a video on the subject.
  • Mr. Forbes: Can we see it?
  • Kids: Sure.
  • Alexandra: Good morning and welcome to The Kidsongs TV Show.
  • Christian: The only and only show made by kids.
  • Alexandra: For kids.
  • Christian: And starting kids.
  • Alexandra: Hi. I'm Alexandra Palm.
  • Christian: And I'm Christian Buenaventura.

(Billy Biggle appears)

  • Billy: And I'm Billy Biggle.
  • Christian: Today's show has great music videos of one of our favorite songs like "Down By the Bay" and "See You Later, Alligator".
  • Alexandra: And that's exactly what I want to say to alligators.
  • Billy: What?
  • Alexandra: "See You Later Alligator". I don't like alligators. Not one bit.
  • Christian: Oh, I didn't know that. Our next video "Fiddle-I-Dee" has lots of animals. Maybe you'll like them better.
  • Alexandra: Coming up next, we've got a song that's been around for centuries.
  • Christian: For you little guys, that means hundreds of years.
  • Alexandra: It's about a different chore that kids can do every day of the week.
  • Christian: Please, don't give my folks any ideas.
  • Alexandra(giggles) Watch as our friend the scarecrow meets the Kidsongs Kids in...
  • Hosts(singing) "Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush".
  • Billy: Hi, everyone!
  • Melane: Boy, are we glad to see you.
  • Billy: Well I'm glad to see you, too. What's up?
  • Janet: There's a baby alligator loose in the studio.
  • Billy: How delightful.
  • Janet: It's not delightful. It's a disaster. We have a segment coming up in just a few minutes that we need her for, and Alex is absolutely terrifed of reptiles.
  • Billy: Well then, we'll just have to find her.
  • Christian: I think the drums are the most fun instruments to play.
  • Alexandra: I love to play the piano.
  • Christian: While we're on the subject of music, I think it's time go visit Kidsongs' one and only maestro: the somewhat silly, the often outrageous, the utterly unforgetable...
  • Hosts: Professor Majorchord
  • Alexandra: In "Come Join the Band".
  • Mark: Oops! We're on the air.
  • Janessa: What are we doing?
  • Mark: Intro to "Down By The Bay". And cue!
  • Christian: This next video is really fun and really silly. I hope it makes you laugh.
  • Alexandra: I need a laugh. It's called "Down By the Bay".
  • Billy: Where you scared?
  • Alexandra: Really scared.
  • Billy: That's OK. Lots of kids are scared of reptiles and in some ways, it's good that they are.
  • Alexandra: It's good that I was scared?
  • Billy: Yes. It's good to be scared about things that are dangerous and alligators are dangerous.
  • Alexandra: So I shouldn't feel stupid about being so freaked out.
  • Billy: Not at all. Lots of kids are scared of lots of things.
  • Janessa: I'm still scared of the dark, so I leave the light on in my closet.
  • Billy: That's great, Janessa. You found a way of delaing with your fear.
  • Alexandra: Well, the only way I can live with my fear of alligators is to avoid them.
  • Billy: That's a very good solution, too. And it also might help you to learn more about them.
  • Alexandra: Well, that's our show for today.
  • Christian: Thank you for watching the only show.
  • Alexandra: Made by kids.
  • Christian: For kids.
  • Alexandra: And starting kids.

(Billy Biggle appears)

  • Billy: Hey, don't forget me. Billy Biggle!
  • Hosts & Billy: See-ya!
  • Camera/Floor Crew: See-ya!
  • Mrs. Wilson: Very good show, children. I am very pleased and those videos were execellent.
  • Mr. Forbes: And everything seemed to run so smoothly.
  • Control Room Crew: Smoothly?!
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