Alligator On The Loose was the first episode of Season 2 of The Kidsongs Television Show.

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Plot Overview

Guest Jules Sylvester's trained alligator escapes her cage. It frightens female co-host Alexandra, who has always been afraid of alligators. At the height of the studio's intensity, Billy Biggle helps Alexandra understand it's OK to fear things.


  • Question Time with Special Guest
  • Sing-Along with Billy Biggle



  • This was the debut of the revival Kidsongs TV Show, this time on the American non-commercial television network PBS.


  • Mrs. Wilson: What else do have planned for this episode?
  • Janet: Oh, we have a fun song that encourages kids to do their chores and teaches the days of the week at the same.
  • Mr. Forbes: That sounds good. What song is that?
  • Hassan: "Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush".
  • Mrs. Wilson: Oh. You know, I'm just a little considered about the amount of information you're putting in the show. Do you have a guest coming in the studio today?
  • Janet: Oh, yes. We have a wonderful guest, Jules Sylvester. He's bringing us some baby alligators.
  • Mrs. Wilson: Perfect.
  • Kevin: And we have a video on the subject.
  • Mr. Forbes: Can we see it?
  • Kids: Sure.
  • Alexandra: Good morning and welcome to The Kidsongs TV Show.
  • Christian: The only and only show made by kids.
  • Alexandra: For kids.
  • Christian: And starting kids.
  • Alexandra: Hi. I'm Alexandra Palm.
  • Christian: And I'm Christian Buenaventura.

(Billy Biggle appears)

  • Billy: And I'm Billy Biggle.
  • Christian: Today's show has great music videos of one of our favorite songs like "Down By the Bay" and "See You Later, Alligator".
  • Alexandra: And that's exactly what I want to say to alligators.
  • Billy: What?
  • Alexandra: "See You Later Alligator". I don't like alligators. Not one bit.
  • Christian: Oh, I didn't know that. Our next video "Fiddle-I-Dee" has lots of animals. Maybe you'll like them better.
  • Alexandra: Coming up next, we've got a song that's been around for centuries.
  • Christian: For you little guys, that means hundreds of years.
  • Alexandra: It's about a different chore that kids can do every day of the week.
  • Christian: Please, don't give my folks any ideas.
  • Alexandra(giggles) Watch as our friend the scarecrow meets the Kidsongs Kids in...
  • Hosts(singing) "Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush".
  • Billy: Hi, everyone!
  • Melane: Boy, are we glad to see you.
  • Billy: Well I'm glad to see you, too. What's up?
  • Janet: There's a baby alligator loose in the studio.
  • Billy: How delightful.
  • Janet: It's not delightful. It's a disaster. We have a segment coming up in just a few minutes that we need her for, and Alex is absolutely terrifed of reptiles.
  • Billy: Well then, we'll just have to find her.
  • Christian: I think the drums are the most fun instruments to play.
  • Alexandra: I love to play the piano.
  • Christian: While we're on the subject of music, I think it's time go visit Kidsongs' one and only maestro: the somewhat silly, the often outrageous, the utterly unforgetable...
  • Hosts: Professor Majorchord
  • Alexandra: In "Come Join the Band".
  • Mark: Oops! We're on the air.
  • Janessa: What are we doing?
  • Mark: Intro to "Down By The Bay". And cue!
  • Christian: This next video is really fun and really silly. I hope it makes you laugh.
  • Alexandra: I need a laugh. It's called "Down By the Bay".
  • Billy: Where you scared?
  • Alexandra: Really scared.
  • Billy: That's OK. Lots of kids are scared of reptiles and in some ways, it's good that they are.
  • Alexandra: It's good that I was scared?
  • Billy: Yes. It's good to be scared about things that are dangerous and alligators are dangerous.
  • Alexandra: So I shouldn't feel stupid about being so freaked out.
  • Billy: Not at all. Lots of kids are scared of lots of things.
  • Janessa: I'm still scared of the dark, so I leave the light on in my closet.
  • Billy: That's great, Janessa. You found a way of delaing with your fear.
  • Alexandra: Well, the only way I can live with my fear of alligators is to avoid them.
  • Billy: That's a very good solution, too. And it also might help you to learn more about them.
  • Alexandra: Well, that's our show for today.
  • Christian: Thank you for watching the only show.
  • Alexandra: Made by kids.
  • Christian: For kids.
  • Alexandra: And starting kids.

(Billy Biggle appears)

  • Billy: Hey, don't forget me. Billy Biggle!
  • Hosts & Billy: See-ya!
  • Camera/Floor Crew: See-ya!
  • Mrs. Wilson: Very good show, children. I am very pleased and those videos were execellent.
  • Mr. Forbes: And everything seemed to run so smoothly.
  • Control Room Crew: Smoothly?!
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