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America's Heroes is the song from Kidsongs: Sing Out, America!.


Seasons come and seasons go
But America’s heroes live forever.
When times get rough all the memories of
America’s heroes will pull us through together! 

Paul Revere warnin’ that the British were comin’ 
Ridin’ through the streets of town.
Never a thought of turnin’ and runnin’,
He wouldn’t let his country down.

General George Washington had to win
If the country was to grow...
He made it through and he won the day -
Our first president as we all know!


Davy Crockett on the wild frontier
Was pushin’ American west.
Makin’ it safer to work and play
He was one of the nation’s best!

Abraham Lincoln had a special plan
To let all men be free
No matter the cost
He’s wage a fight
To end all slavery. 


Will pull us through together...
Will pull... us... through... together!