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Barefootin' is the song in the video I Can Dance!. It was originally sung by Robert Parker.


Everybody get on your feet!
You make me nervous
When you're in your seat. (Yeah!)
Take off your shoes and pat your feet;
We're doin' a dance that can't be beat!

Chorus A:
Billy and Kids:
We're barefootin'! (X3)

Oh yeah, we're barefootin'!

Went to a party now the other night
Long tall Sally, she was out of sight!
Took off her hat and her high sneakers, too;
She's doin' a dance without any shoes!

Chorus B:
Billy and Kids:
She's barefootin' (X3)

Oh yeah! She's barefootin'!

Hey, little girl with your red dress on!
I'll bet you can dance all night long.
Take off your shoes and just throw 'em away;
Come back and get 'em another day!

Billy and Kids:
Repeat Chorus A

This little piggy went to market
This little piggy stayed home
Don't even try to tickle them

Now little John Henry he said to Sue
"If I can barefoot, you can barefoot, too!"
Sue told John, "You know I studied, too;
I was barefootin' since I was two!"

Repeat Chorus A

We're barefootin'
Hey, hey! We're barefootin'!


At the end of the The Kidsongs Television Show episode Dream On, the song plays over the end credits instead of the The Kidsongs TV Show Theme, as well as the Together Again Productions, Sony Wonder, WTTW and American Program Service (now American Public Television) logos.