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Billy Biggle
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Billy Biggle is a blue and yellow biggle who debuted in Kidsongs's 1st episode in Season 2: Alligator on the Loose.  He is a sing-along leader, loving Biggle brother to Ruby Biggle and Biggle son to Mr. and Mrs. Biggle. In Billy's Birthday (1996 Version), In April 21, 1996's (the same day as Kids for Character) Kidsongs's 9th episode in Season Six, Billy was excited that the Kidsongs Kids and the Biggles, along with Ruby and Freckles, a silly biggle boy who lives next door, put on a birthday party for him. 


Billy is wacky, handsome, loving and fun. He always get tummy aches sometimes (for example: In Billy's Tummy Ache, Billy eats too much candy, but he gets sick when he changes color). Billy loves his sister Ruby Biggle and his friend, Freckles only appeared in the Season 6 home video Kidsongs: Adventures in Biggleland: Billy's Birthday (2000). He was played by Jessica Hinojosa. He never appeared in the TV Series until season 2.


Billy has blue and light blue fur and on his light blue stomach, he has a pouch. Behind his back like his hair and nose, he has a yellow Biggle's tail and like the other Biggles, Billy has gremlin ears.


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  • Despite being the main character Ruby has often been proven to be the most popular among the fans.
  • It was revealed in "We Love Trucks" that Billy loves trucks.
  • Billy has often proven himself to be silly.
  • Billy is voiced by Julene Renee.