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{{Infobox film
| name                    = Barney Live in New York City
| image                   =
| Executive_Producer      = Dennis DeShazer<br>Sheryl Stamps Leach
| producer                = Martha Datema Lipscomb
| director                = Bruce Deck
| writer                  = Stephen White
| music                   = Phil Parker
| distributor             = The Lyons Group
| released                = {{Film date|1994|3|6}}
| runtime                 = 75 minutes
| language                = English
'''''Barney Live! In New York City''''' is a ''[[Barney & Friends]]'' stage show, taped at [[Radio City Music Hall]] in [[New York City]] on March 6, 1994 and released on video on August 26, 1994. It was also the largest ''Barney & Friends'' stage show, much to its size.
Barney and his friends take the stage to delight and entertain everyone at Radio City Music Hall. They all work together to make a special surprise for the audience using items from "The Barney Bag". But before they are able to share it, a new visitor, The Winkster, steals the bag and runs away with it. Throughout the show, the kids are trying to catch The Winkster and teach him that it is important to have friends and to share. Also, the chase takes everyone to "Barney's Imagination Circus" with fun-loving clowns and some dancing bears.
* Barney (voice) - [[Bob West]]
* Barney (costume) - David Joyner/Carey Stinson
* Baby Bop (voice) - Julie Johnson
* Baby Bop (costume) - Jeff Ayers
* B.J. (voice) - Patty Wirtz
* B.J. (costume) - Jeff Brooks
* The Winkster - David Voss/Ashley Wood
* Barney understudy - Alan Bruce
* B.J. and Baby Bop understudy - Carol Farabee
* Shawn - John David Bennett, II
* Derek - Rickey Carter
* Tosha - Hope Cervantes
* Kathy - Lauren King
* Carlos - Corey Lopez
* Min - Pia Manalo
* Julie - [[Susannah Wetzel]]
* Kelly - Rebecca Wilson
* Dancers
** Barbara Angeline
** Joe Bowerman
** Tina Bush
** Garland Days
** David DeCooman
** Vivien Eng
** Raymond Harris
** Steven Petrillo
** Carolyn Ockert
** Michelle Robinson
** Amy Shure
** Kristin Willits
** Dana Zell
* Guest - Morgan Jordan
* Narrator - [[Charles Edward Hall]]
Act One
# Barney Theme Song (Tune: [[Yankee Doodle]])
# The More We Get Together
# Mr. Knickerbocker
# [[Ring a Ring o' Roses|Ring Around the Rosie]]
# My Yellow Blankey
# The Barney Bag
# The Winkster
# [[She'll Be Coming 'Round the Mountain|She'll Be Coming Around the Mountain]]
# B.J.'s Song
# Take Me Out to the Ball Game
# Rain Medley ([[Rain Rain Go Away]] and [[It's Raining, It's Pouring]])
# If all the Raindrops
# [[And the Green Grass Grew All Around|And the Green Grass Grows All Around]]
# I Am a Fine Musician
Act Two
# Boom, Boom, Ain't It Great to Be Crazy?
# The Wheels On the Bus
# Three Monkeys Rap
# [[Do Your Ears Hang Low?]]
# The Airplane Song
# Me & My Teddy
# Four Little Ducks
# My Aunt Came Back
# [[London Bridge Is Falling Down]]
# "Star" Medley ([[Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star]] and [[Star Light, Star Bright]])
# Please & Thank You
# Everyone Is Special
{{Barney & Friends}}
==Major Events==
<gallery type="slideshow">
Season4Silhouette.png|Barney & Friends Logo
barneyhomevideologo.PNG|Barney Home Video Silhouette Logo 1997
18856 312087336275 699456275 5319333 7736063 n.jpg|Cast of Season 4 (without Maria and Mr. Boyd)
barneymandela.jpg|Barney Meets Nelson Mandela (March 24)
barneygreatadventurebts.jpg|Filming Barney's Great Adventure (July-August 1997)
Actimates barney box.jpg|Actimates Barney is Released (September 11)
Herbew barney.png|Hachaverim Shel Barney (Israel Production) Silhouette
*January 14: [[Barney's Sense-Sational Day]] and [[Run, Jump, Skip and Sing]] are released to stores.
*March 18: [[Barney's Colors & Shapes]] is released to stores.
*March 24: Barney Meets Nelson Mandela.
*Early April: Production for [[Season 4]] began.
*April 15: The soundtrack, [[Barney's Big Surprise! Live on Stage]] is released to stores.
*May 6: [[Barney's Musical Scrapbook]] is released to stores.
*July 1: The updated version of Barney Magazine is released to stores.
*July 8: [[Camp WannaRunnaRound]] is released to stores.
*Late July: Production for [[Barney's Great Adventure]] began.
*August: Production for [[Barney's Great Adventure]] ended.
*September 2: [[Barney's Adventure Bus]] is released to stores.
*September 9: [[Barney's Stu-u-upendous Puzzle Fun!|&nbsp;Stu-u-upendous Puzzle Fun!]] is released in stores
*September 11: [[Actimates Barney]], Actimates TV Pack  and Actimates PC Pack are released to stores.
*September 23: [[Happy Holidays Love, Barney]] is released to stores. [[Waiting for Santa]] is re-released and has different previews.
*November: [[Hachaverim Shel Barney]] debuts in Israel, marking the first time the Barney & Friends TV series was produced outside the US.
*November 3: [[Barney & Friends]] episodes become encoded with signals to interact with the Actimates Barney doll.
*November 4: [[Barney's Good Day, Good Night]] is released to stores.
*November 17: [[Season 4]] premieres on [[PBS]].
*November 27: Barney, Baby Bop and BJ performed [[Imagine]] at the [[Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade]].
*December 12: [[Season 4]] finale on [[PBS]].
*[[Barney's Big Surprise]] is filmed at the Lawrence Joel Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.
*The launch of
==New Barney & Friends Episodes and Songs==
'''[[Season 4|Season Four]] Episodes'''
<gallery position="center" spacing="small" widths="150" captionsize="small" bordercolor="#d63429" captiontextcolor="#27bb0a" captionposition="within" orientation="landscape" navigation="true">
Firstdayofschool.jpg|First Day of School|link=First Day of School
Iseverybodyhappy.jpg|Is Everybody Happy?|link=Is Everybody Happy?
Penniesnickelsdimes.jpg|Pennies, Nickels, Dimes|link=Pennies, Nickels, Dimes
Wevegotrhythm.jpg|We've Got Rhythm|link=We've Got Rhythm
Ticktockclocks.jpg|Tick Tock Clocks!|link=Tick Tock Clocks!
Waitingformrmacrooney.jpg|Waiting for Mr. MacRooney|link=Waiting for Mr. MacRooney
Letsbuildtogether.jpg|Let's Build Together|link=Let's Build Together
Itstradition.jpg|It's Tradition|link=It's Tradition
Apictureofhealth!.jpg|A Picture of Health|link=A Picture of Health
Playball.jpg|Play Ball!|link=Play Ball!
ADifferentKindofMystery.jpg|A Different Kind of Mystery|link=A Different Kind of Mystery
Goingonabearhunt.jpg|Going on a Bear Hunt|link=Going on a Bear Hunt
Letseat.jpg|Let's Eat|link=Let's Eat
Treemendoustrees.jpg|Tree-Mendous Trees|link=Tree-Mendous Trees
Goodcleanfun.jpg|Good, Clean Fun! |link=Good, Clean Fun!
Easybreezyday.jpg|Easy, Breezy Day!|link=Easy, Breezy Day!
Allmixedup.jpg|All Mixed Up|link=All Mixed Up
Ohbrothershesmysister.jpg|Oh, Brother...She's My Sister|link=Oh, Brother...She's My Sister
Onceapondatime.jpg|Once a Pond a Time|link=Once a Pond a Time
<gallery orientation="landscape" spacing="small" widths="150" position="center" bordercolor="#d63429" captiontextcolor="#27bb0a" captionsize="small" captionposition="within" navigation="true">
Havingfunsong.jpg|Having Fun Song|link=The Having Fun Song
Listentothemockingbird.jpg|Listen to the Mockingbird (Barney's Version)|link=Listen to the Mockingbird (Barney's Version)
Thepopcornsong.jpg|The Popcorn Song|link=The Popcorn Song
Letsplaytogether.jpg|Let's Play Together|link=Let's Play Together
TheLandofMake-Believe.jpg|The Land of Make-Believe|link=The Land of Make-Believe
LaughWithMe!.jpg|Laugh With Me!|link=Laugh With Me!
Ouranimalfriends.jpg|Our Animal Friends|link=Our Animal Friends
Campwannarunnaroundsong.jpg|Camp WannaRunnaRound|link=Camp WannaRunnaRound (song)
Ahikingwewillgo.jpg|A Hiking We Will Go|link=A Hiking We Will Go
Pickupyourpartoftheworld.jpg|Pick Up Your Part of the World|link=Pick Up Your Part of the World
Thatiswhatitmeanstobeafriend.jpg|That is What it Means to Be a Friend|link=That is What it Means to Be A Friend
Itsabeautifulday.jpg|It's a Beautiful Day|link=It's a Beautiful Day
Makethedough.jpg|Make the Dough|link=Make the Dough
Nothingbeatsapizza.jpg|Nothing Beats a Pizza|link=Nothing Beats a Pizza
Turkeyinthestrawbarneysversion.jpg|Turkey in the Straw (Barney's Version)|link=Turkey in the Straw (Barney's Version)
Ourfriendbjhadaband.jpg|Our Friend BJ Had A Band|link=Our Friend BJ Had A Band
Ilovetheholidays.jpg|I Love the Holidays|link=I Love the Holidays
Itssnowing.jpg|It's Snowing!|link=It's Snowing!
Heysantaclaus.jpg|Hey Santa Claus|link=Hey Santa Claus
Itstwinkletime.jpg|It's Twinkle Time|link=It's Twinkle Time
Whatmakesaflowersopretty.jpg|What Makes a Flower So Pretty?|link=What Makes a Flower So Pretty?
Justonemorething.jpg|Just One More Thing|link=Just One More Thing
Theclassroomsong.jpg|The Classroom Song|link=The Classroom Song
Colorsallaround.jpg|Colors All Around|link=Colors All Around
Icanseeitonyourface.jpg|I Can See It on Your Face|link=I Can See It on Your Face
Penniesinmypocket.jpg|Pennies in My Pocket|link=Pennies in My Pocket
Tenlittlepennies.jpg|Ten Little Pennies|link=Ten Little Pennies
Listenwhenpeopletalk.jpg|Listen When People Talk|link=Listen When People Talk
Weloveallclocks.jpg|We Love All Clocks|link=We Love All Clocks
Bymyself.jpg|By Myself|link=By Myself
Tryandtryagain.jpg|Try and Try Again|link= Try and Try Again
Cleanupdoourshare.jpg|Clean Up! Do Our Share!|link=Clean Up! Do Our Share!
Youcancountonme.jpg|You Can Count on Me|link=You Can Count on Me
Sailingoutovertheocean.jpg|Sailing Out Over the Ocean|link=Sailing Out Over the Ocean
Theconstructionsong.jpg|The Construction Song|link=The Construction Song
Itsafamilytradition.jpg|It's a Family Tradition|link=It's a Family Tradition
Itsagreatday.jpg|It's a Great Day|link=It's a Great Day
Ohhowilovetrees.jpg|Oh, How I Love Trees|link=Oh, How I Love Trees
Squishysquashywashy.jpg|Squishy, Squashy, Washy|link=Squishy, Squashy, Washy
Whenyouhaveaball.jpg|When You Have a Ball|link=When You Have a Ball
Rollrollrolltheball.jpg|Roll, Roll, Roll the Ball|link=Roll, Roll, Roll the Ball
Shareyourstuff.jpg|Share Your Stuff|link=Share Your Stuff
Inandoutthewindmill.jpg|In and Out the Windmill|link=In and Out the Windmill
Itsafunfunsunnyday.jpg|It's a Fun Fun Sunny Day!|link=It's a Fun, Fun Sunny Day!
You'vegottobeyou.jpg|You've Got to Be You|link=You've Got to Be You
It'sccccoldbrrrr.jpg|It's C-C-C-Cold BRRRR!|link=It's C-C-C-Cold BRRRR!
Theyumyumsong.jpg|The Yum Yum Song|link=The Yum Yum Song
Wayupinatree.jpg|Way Up in a Tree|link=Way Up in a Tree
Ickysquishygooeyooey.jpg|Icky, Squishy, Gooey, Ooey|link=Icky, Squishy, Gooey, Ooey
Keepyoursneezetoyourself.jpg|Keep Your Sneeze to Yourself|link=Keep Your Sneeze to Yourself
Gonnahaveapicnic.jpg|Gonna Have A Picnic|link=Gonna Have A Picnic
Themorewecrankthehandle.jpg|The More We Crank The Handle|link=The More We Crank The Handle
Booksarefunsong.jpg|Books Are Fun!|link=Books Are Fun!
Gagglegigglewiggledance.jpg|The Gaggle, Giggle, Wiggle Dance|link=The Gaggle, Giggle, Wiggle Dance
Everyanimaltalksinitsownspecialway.jpg|Every Animal Talks In Its Own Special Way|link=Every Animal Talks In Its Own Special Way
Theadventuresong.jpg|The Adventure Song|link=The Adventure Song
Thebuttersong.jpg|The Butter Song|link=The Butter Song
==<span style="font-size:18px;">Cast & Crew</span>==
*[[Barney]] (Body: [[David Joyner]]/[[Josh Martin]]/[[Maurice Scott]], Voice: [[Bob West]])
*[[Baby Bop]] (Body: [[Jeff Ayers]], Voice: [[Julie Johnson]])
*[[BJ]] (Body: [[Jeff Brooks]] /[[Adam Brown]], Voice: [[Patty Wirtz]])
*[[Tosha]] ([[Hope Cervantes]])
*[[Carlos]] ([[Corey Lopez]])
*[[Jason (Kurt Dykhuizen)|Jason]] ([[Kurt Dykhuizen]])
*[[Ashley]] ([[Monet Chandler]])
*[[Alissa]] ([[Maurie Chandler]])
*[[Stephen]] ([[Chase Gallatin]])
*[[Maria]] ([[Jessica Hinojosa]])
*[[Kristen]] ([[Sara Hickman]])
*[[Hannah]] ([[Marisa Kuers]]) (debut)
*[[Kim]] ([[Erica Rhodes]]) (debut)
*[[Keesha]] ([[Mera Baker]]) (debut)
*[[Robert]] ([[Angel Velasco]]) (debut)
*[[Chip]] ([[Lucien Douglas]]) (debut)
*[[Jeff]] ([[Austin Ball]]) (debut)
*[[Danny]] ([[Jeffrey Hood]]) (debut)
*[[Curtis]] ([[Monte Black]]) (debut)
*[[Mr. Boyd]] ([[Robert Sweatman]])
*[[Stella the Storyteller]] ([[Phyllis Cicero]])
*[[Scooter McNutty]] (voiced by [[Todd Duffey]]) (debut)
*[[Miss Etta Kette]] (voiced by [[Brice Armstrong]]) (debut)
===Executive Producers===
*[[Sheryl Leach|Sheryl Stamps Leach]]
*[[Dennis DeShazer]]
*[[Stephen White]]
*[[Mark S. Bernthal]]
*[[Perri Verdino-Gates]]
*[[Mitch Lobrovich]]
*[[Donna Cooner]]
*[[Heidi B. Kirby]]
*[[Troy Charles]]
*[[Rebecca Self Snider]]
=== Editors ===
* Vickie Sterling
* [[McKee Smith]]
* Laura Cargile
* Bryan Norfolk
* Tim Werner
* Deborah Cornish (Dialogue Editor)
* Denice Crowell (Dialogue Editor)
* Don Clark (Sound Editor)
*[[Fred Holmes]]
*[[Steven Feldman]]
*[[Jim Rowley]]
*[[Bruce Deck]]
*Eric Norberg (Associate Director)
*Terrie Davis Manning (Associate Director)
*Elizabeth Sagan Velten (Art Director)
*Murray Campbell (Lighting Director)
*Casey Cook (Lighting Director)
*Colin DeFord (Technical Director)
*David Boothe (Audio Director)
*[[Penny Wilson]] (Performance Director)
*Caroline St. Denis
*[[Joe Phillips]] (Musical Director)
*[[Bob Singleton]] (Musical Director)
*[[David Bernard Wolf]] (Musical Director)
*Randy Breedlove (Director of Studio Operations)
*Jim Rowley (Supervising Producer)
*Ben Vaughn (also Senior Consulting Producer)
*Linda Houston (also Consulting Producer)
*[[Jeff Gittle]] (also Senior Producer/Consulting Producer)
*Martha Datema Lipscomb
=== Coordinators ===
* Julie Hutchings (Production Coordinator)
* Kelly Maher (Production Coordinator)
* Steven G. McAfee (Production Coordinator)
* Perri Verdino-Gates (Writing Coordinator)
* Amy Atherton (Art/Craft Coordinator)
* Jill Hance (Music Coordinator)
* Charles King (Music Coordinator)
* Jonathan Smith (Music Coordinator)
=== Audio ===
* Ronald G. Balentine (Production Audio)
* Craig Chastain (Post Production Audio)
=== Designers ===
* Victor DiNapoli (Production Designer)
* Jess Nelson (Production Designer)
* Bob Lavalee (Production Designer)
* Ken Craig (Lighting Designer)
* Barry Phillips (Associate Production Designer)
* Lisa Odette Albertson (Wardrobe Designer)
* Bob Phillips (Scenic Designer)
* Jeanie L. D'iorio (Makeup Designer)
* Jimi White (Makeup Designer)
=== Artists ===
* Jimmy Ellis (Storyboard Artist)
=== Researchers ===
* Patsy J. Robles-Goodwin
* Kimberly Thornton
* Joy Starr
* Patricia Williams
* Lory Plummer
=== Stylists ===
* Debra Hertel Haefling (Hair Stylist)
=== Specialists ===
* Mary Ann Dudko (Educational Specialist)
* Margie Larsen (Educational Specialist)
=== Operators ===
* Larry Allen (Camera Operator)
* Oz Coleman (Camera Operator)
* Tom Cox (Camera Operator)
* Bruce Harmon (Camera Operator)
* Tommy Turner (Camera Operator)
* Van Smalley (Camera Operator)
* Clay Armstrong (Camera Operator)
* Scott Dailey (Camera Operator)
* James Johnson (Videotape Operator)
* Dudley Asaff (Videotape Operator)
* Al Ray (Boom Operator)
* David Smith (Boom Operator)
* James Johnson (Boom Operator)
* Todd Davis (Light Board Operator)
=== Grips ===
* Buz Cannon (Key Grip)
* Trey Smith (Best Boy Grip)
* James Edwards
* Jeffrey Jon
=== Shoppers ===
* John Reneau
=== Electricians ===
* Todd Davis (Best Boy Electrician)
* James Edwards
* Jeffrey Jon
=== Dressers ===
* Aggie Davis-Brooks (Set Dresser)
=== Props ===
* David Cobb
=== Special Effects ===
* David Cobb
=== Leadman ===
* Tim Thomaston
=== Foremen ===
* Bennie Miles (Construction Foreman)
=== Carpenters ===
* Mike Ficher
* Carmelo Gomez
* Charles Hodges
* Ed Larsen
* Dan Leonard (Lead Carpenter)
=== Painters ===
* Chad Isham (Scenic Painter)
* Mike Rainey (Scenic Painter)
=== Sewing ===
* Barbara Baker
* Robin Harp
* Susan Mayes
* Mimi Clemmons
* Traci Hutton
* Natalie Sergi-Saari
* Susie Thennes
=== Stitchers ===
* Amelia Clemens (Costume Stitcher)
=== Technicians ===
* Chris Reedy (Costume Technician)
* Lawrence Aeschlimann (Costume Technician)
=== Buyers ===
* Mindy Cranston (Wardrobe Buyer)
=== Mixers ===
* Gary French (Rerecording Mixer)
=== Interns ===
* Diana Romaine (Production Intern)
* Tamera Tasch (Production Intern)
* Corey Jones (Production Intern)
=== Greenspersons ===
* Kelley Johnston
=== Coaches ===
* Shelley C. Aubrey (Dialogue Coach)
=== Teachers ===
* Sandra Gilpin
* Valinda Kimmel
=== Supervisors ===
* Lisa Odette Albertson (Wardrobe Supervisor)
* Catherine Reynolds (Script Supervisor)
* Charles Bailey (Construction Supervisor)
* Ray Henry (Costume Shop Supervisor)
* David Cobb (Costume Shop Supervisor)
* Wes Gilpin (Child Supervisor)
* Mary Evans (Child Supervisor)
* Dianne Gillham (Child Supervisor)
* Lisa Odette Albertson (Costume Supervisor)
* David Baertsch (Post Production Supervisor)
* Bob Dauber (Post Production Supervisor)
* Randy Breedlove (Technical Operations Supervisor)
=== Managers ===
* Sandra Jantzen (Production Manager)
* [[Charlotte Spivey]] (Production Manager)
* Sue Shinn (Production Office Manager)
* Georgia Ford Wagenhurst (Costume Shop Manager)
* Terrie Davis Manning (Stage Manager)
* Jena Atchison (Stage Manager)
* Jill Hance (Manager of Music Services)
* Lisa Arbuckle Greif (Manager of Music Services)
* Julie Hutchings (Manager of Talent Services)
=== Secretaries ===
* Austin Gray (Production Secretary)
=== Engineers ===
* Bink Williams (Video Engineer)
* Wayne Cook (Video Engineer)
* Randy Patrick (Video Engineer)
* Michael E. Hardin (Video Engineer)
* James Johnson (Post Production Engineer)
=== Accountants ===
* Randy Dalton (Senior Production Accountant)
* Debbie Cottle (Production Accountant)
=== Lyricist/Composers ===
* David Bernard Wolf
* Stephen Bates Baltes
* Lory Lazarus
* Holly Doubet
* Joe Phillips
* Willy Welch
* Angelo Natalie
* Jim Rule
* David Friedman
* Tony Peugh
* Eddie Coker
* Kevin S. Devine
* Stephen White
=== Assistants ===
* David Voss (Assistant Performance Director)
* Caroline St. Denis (Assistant Performance Director)
* Donna Ivers (Assistant Producer)
* Gail Lee Dunson (Assistant Production Coordinator)
* Braden McDonald (Production Audio Assistant/Production Assistant)
* Bart Stephens (Production Audio Assistant/Production Assistant)
* Malcolm Johnson (Production Audio Assistant)
* Brenda J. Galgan (Production Audio Assistant)
* Tim Thomaston (Production Assistant)
* Craig Wrights (Production Assistant)
* Jeff Burson (Production Assistant)
* Craig Chastain (Post Production Audio Assistant)
* Brian N. Blevins (Costume/Wardrobe Assistant)
* Janet Bush (Costume/Wardrobe Assistant)
* Rhonda Richards (Costume/Wardrobe Assistant)
* Santiago Molena (Costume/Wardrobe Assistant)
* Kristen Schnaffner (Costume/Wardrobe Assistant)
* Christine Stolp (Costume/Wardrobe Assistant)
* Sarah Sunderman (Costume/Wardrobe Assistant)
* Denise Rohr (Costume Assistant)
* Dianna Littlepage (Costume Assistant)
* Gilbert Gonzales (Costume Assistant)
* Ken Weber (Wardrobe Assistant)
* Mandy Cranston (Wardrobe Assistant)
* John Brooks (Assistant Accountant)
* Beth Reed (Assistant Production Accountant)
* Joel Zoch (Production Assistant)
* Brian Sheffield Hunt (Assistant of Props)
* Debi Theis (Carpenter's Assistant)
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