Cody Sawyer Sturn (born 1985) was a Kidsongs kid who only appeared in the third season of the PBS version of The Kidsongs Television Show. Due to Evan Paley's disappearance after appearing in the first five episodes in the 1997 season of The Kidsongs Television Show, the studio decided to hire somebody else to replace him throughout the middle of the season, which was the unknown reason they decided to choose Cody. So Cody takes the job as the Camera Person, which is probably the same job Evan had before he left.

Cody appeared in the episodes; Let's Go Barefootin', It's 60's Day, A Doggone Great Day, and Working Together.

However, Evan Paley's name was remain credited throughout the season, but sadly he never appeared again.

Unfortunately, Cody's name was not credited briefly throughout the season.

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