Danielle Jasmin Weiner (born July 30, 1986) is a Kidsongs cast member who first appeared in Kidsongs: We Wish You a Merry Christmas, Kidsongs: Play Along Songs, Kidsongs: Country Sing-Along, and 2 KidVision Videos. She has a sister named Sabrina Weiner (who appeared in Kidsongs: Play Along Songs in "Ten in the Bed") and a brother named Josh Weiner (who appeared in Kidsongs: A Day at Camp and Kidsongs: Ride the Roller Coaster). She appeared in many movies and voiced others as well. She replaces someone and someone else but substitutes Patricia Gonzalez 1st in the 1992 episode. Danielle has brownishly black hair and has brown hair. In Kidsongs: Play Along Songs, she was best seen wearing a pink Kidsongs shirt in "Bumpin' Up and Down (in My Little Red Wagon), Kidsongs: Country Sing-Along, she was seen wearing a purple shirt and jean skirt in "Country Kid". In Kidsongs: Let's Put on a Show, she wore a lavender dress with flowers, and later, a brown half-sleeved dress. And in Kidsongs: Baby Animal Songs, she was best seen in "'A', You're Adorable", wearing a sleeveless pink sweater-shirt and blue overalls.

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