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Dr. Smithsonian is one of the musicians in Professor Majorchord's Harmonious Orchestra and is one of the main characters in Kidsongs: Play Along Songs. She is played by Mary Bartram.


As seen in Play Along Songs, when Professor Majorchord bumps into her, she gets surprised and she is a kind and clever character. Her catchphrase is "How Splendid!" or "How wonderful!". She is well mannered, scientific, smart of music that teaches oceanogrophy, and other science things. Her other catchphrase is "The pleasure is all mine", which saying "You're welcome". Dr. Smithsonian plays the trombone or the clarinet.


As seen in Play Along Songs, Dr. Smithsonian has pale skin, brown hair, and green eyes. She wears an explorer's jungle hat with jungle outfit (jungle vest, brown shirt, jungle shorts, brown shoes and a watch). In the computer game, Kidsongs Musical Mystery, she additionally wears glasses.


  • Dr. Smithsonian never appeared in Biggleland with Freckles, Harrigan or Allouette Biggle.
  • Dr. Smithsonian only appeared with Pierre and Professor Majorchord in Play Along Songs.
  • Dr. Smithsonian also never appeared in The Kidsongs TV Show.
  • She also never appeared with Billy and Ruby Biggle.