Kidsongs - Daylight Train -Original version- HD -1080p-

Get on Board, Little Children (Daylight Train) is the second song in the video Cars, Boats, Trains, and Planes.

When Christopher Finch greeted the other Kidsongs kids and Mike the Dog, he invited them to go on the Colonel Griffith Train and then the train conductor of the Colonel Griffith Train (Ronnie Sperling) directed them to the Colonel Griffith Train, and Mike joins the train ride.

When the train ride was over, Mike led the Kidsongs kids on a merry chase to their next ride.


Daylight Train is coming,
It's whistling round the bend.
It'll take you all around the world,
And bring you home again.

Get on board, little children,
Get on board, little children,
Get on board, little children,
There's room for many a more.

Daylight train's a good train,
The best train on the track.
No matter where you travel,
It always brings you back.


It'll take you through the morning,
And through the afternoon.
Never stops running,
Till the rising of the moon.

Refrain x2

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