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Here, Kitty Kitty is the 9th episode of the third season of The Kidsongs TV Show.


When Jessica and Lynsey find a lost kitten outside of the sound stage, all the Kidsongs Kids adopt it as the new Kidsongs cat and learn about responsibilities of caring for a pet with their special guest Nick Toth, an animal trainer.



The Biggles

The Kidsongs Kids

Special Guests

  • Nick Toth
  • Cassidy
  • Bear


  1. The Kidsongs TV Show Theme
  2. 'A', You're Adorable (from Kidsongs: Baby Animal Songs)
  3. Wooly Bully (from Kidsongs: Baby Animal Songs)
  4. We'll Put on a Show (from Kidsongs: Let's Put on a Show)
  5. The Wanderer (from Kidsongs: A Day with the Animals)
  6. Alley Cat (from Kidsongs: Boppin' with the Biggles)
  7. The Loco-Motion (from Kidsongs: Boppin' with the Biggles)
  8. Little Deuce Coupe (from Kidsongs: Ride the Roller Coaster)