I Like Trucks is the song from Kidsongs: Cars, Boats, Trains and Planes.


I like trucks,
I always will;
Big or small, I like them still.
I like trucks
I always will;
I like trucks!

A fire truck is shiny red
With a ladder oh-so-long.
The milk truck comes before I wake
With milk to make me strong.
A garbage truck,
A pickup truck,
They're all so big and tough,
Oh, and when I see them
I can't seem to get enough, cause...


A moving truck carries things
You want to move around,
And the eighteen wheelers go between
Every city and town.
I guess I just appreciate
All the things that they can do, 
Oh, and when I can drive one
It'll make my dreams come true!



"I like 'em!"

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