Ingrid Dupree


Amaris "Ingrid" Dupree (born June 12, 1977) is an American actress and singer/songwriter. She made her debut in 1986 as a Kidsongs kid in Kidsongs: What I Want to Be! (where she played a blonde haired sailor dancer/dance kid in the song "Sea Cruise" along with Devyn Puett, Ann and Christina Gibbons, and Kristy Chan). She also cameo appeared in the song, "One, Two Buckle My Shoe" which was part of the Teacher Medley. Ingrid was also seen having blonde hair in Kidsongs: The Wonderful World of Sports (Let's Play Ball!), Kidsongs: A Day at the Circus, and on the bus in Kidsongs: A Day at Camp (where she had dark brown hair and wore a pink camp shirt). She was best seen as one of Counsler Eddie's Eagles as the racer. She was then replaced in 1990 by Ninette Kohley.

Ingrid also made appearances on the live action intervals of the Golden Book era Schoolhouse Rock videos.

Ingrid was also seen in many other movies (where she was credited as Amaris Dupree) as well as the intro of The Kidsongs TV Show (where she cameo appeared and had blonde hair) in 1987-1988. She also appeared as a blonde haired dancer in Moonwalker in 1988 (along with Terrence and Tajh), as well as a reporter in the episode "Pollution Problems" of Kids Incorporated.


Ingrid was born at the same time as Kidsongs kid, Ashande Gravenberg.

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