Kidsongs is a music/song video/television series. There are nursery rhymes/covers of pop hits from the '50s, '60s and '70s.


These three columns show how Kidsongs was made.

The Early Years Edit

Kidsongs was produced in summer 1985, released the first home video and LP, A Day at Old MacDonald's Farm in December 3, 1985 by View-Master Video and Warner Bros. Records (a part of Warner Reprise Videos (which was made in 1986).

The following year, five more Kidsongs videos and LPs were produced.

In 1987, two more videos were added and The Kidsongs Television Show was first aired on Disney Channel. It ended in the following year, and in 1989, the home video and the music industry's very last LP, A Day at Camp marks the end of The Early Years. The following year after these ten videos, the next video starts with an audio cassette.

The Later Years Edit

In the later year, 5 more videos and 5 cassettes from the videos from The Later Years were added, making it the complete original Kidsongs era and the 1987 version of The Kidsongs TV Show ran on Disney Channel in 1992, and it is on hiatus until 1994 (on PBS Kids).

The Biggle Magic Edit

The Biggle Magic began with the first video and CD, Country Sing Along. In PBS Kids, there was a new version of The Kidsongs Television Show that ran from 1994 until 1997. Reruns on PBS Kids aired on 1998 and ended in 2001.

Present Years Edit

Kidsongs had a lasting merchandise of books, CDs and a website in 2002. The Kidsongs series is part of a lasting legacy of children's music today.