Kidsongs: A Day at Camp (soundtrack album)

Kidsongs: A Day at Camp is an music album (and last LP record) released in 1989. It was the same time it was released with the video. It was meant to be the world's last children's long-playing and the final record of music industry.


Side A

A1/1. The More We Get Together

A2/2. The Cassions Go Rolling Along

A3/3. Fishing Blues

A4/4. On Top of Spaghetti

A5/5. Campfire Medley

Side B

B1/6. Boom, Boom (Ain't it Great to Be Crazy!)

B2/7. Animal Medley

B3/8. Whistle While You Work

B4/9. The Hokey Pokey

B5/10 When the Saints Go Marching In

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