Kidsongs: Adventures in Biggleland is VHSs released on Sony Wonder in 1998.

Biggle Cast

  • William "Billy"/Ruby Biggle and Mrs. Biggle (William "Billy"/Ruby/Freckles Biggle's Mother (Mom)) (voiced by Julene Renee) (Billy's Birthday)
  • William "Billy" Biggle (costumed by Frit Fuller)
  • Ruby Biggle (costumed by Marilyn Rising)
  • Freckles Biggle (voiced by Jetta E.Q. and costumed by Kimberly "Kim" Harris)
  • Mrs. Biggle (William "Billy"/Ruby/Freckles Biggle's Mother) (costumed by Shari Douglas) (Billy's Birthday)
  • Chef Biggle (voiced by Jetta E.Q. and costumed by Joseph E. Fuller) (Billy's Birthday)


  • Asa Karsten Bernstine
  • Angelica Ginn
  • Brady Kimball
  • Cory Kotas
  • Carly Naples (Billy's Birthday)
  • Megan Miyahira
  • Sara Perks
  • Courtney Lollis (Meet the Biggles)


  • Carly Naples was still credited in ending credits in the intro and outro sequence 'til the end of Kidsongs/Kidsongs: Music Video Stories (1985-1998).
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