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Kidsongs: Adventures in Biggleland: Billy's Birthday is twenty-fourth entry of Kidsongs Music Video Stories was released on July 7, 1998.


The Kidsongs Kids

The Biggles


  1. Adventures in Biggleland Theme (also used during the end credits)
  2. I'm a Big Boy
  3. Playmate (Willie Nelson)
  4. Pat-a-Cake
  5. Go In and Out the Window
  6. Jump-Jump, Turn Around, Start Again
  7. Simon Says
  8. Limbo Rock
  9. Happy Birthday to You
  10. You Can't Sit Down



  • This is the first video to feature Freckles Biggle and the Biggleland song and last season 5 of The Kidsongs Television Show episode and first and last episode to feature Billy and Ruby's parents, and the Biggles chef and first episode to feature Angelica Ginn and last episode to feature Carly Naples, but Carly Naples is still in the opening and ending titles and credits until the end.
  • This video was taped at Point Fermin Lighthouse and Point Fermin Park in San Pedro, California.
  • Carly Naples wears the same dress Sara Perks wore in The Kidsongs Television Show.

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