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Kidsongs: Adventures in Biggleland: Meet the Biggles is the twenty-fifth (and final) entry of Kidsongs Music Video Stories released on October 24, 1998. It was also the final 90's video and entry of the new Kidsongs era.


The Kidsongs Kids

The Biggles


  1. Adventures in Biggleland Theme (also used during the end credits)
  2. Consider Yourself
  3. East Side, West Side (The Sidewalks of New York)
  4. Alouette
  5. Alexander's Ragtime Band
  6. Let's Rock it Up
  7. The Muffin Man
  8. Harrigan
  9. Let's Be Silly (Sung to Today is Monday/Everybody Happy)
  10. Ta-Ra-Ra-Boom-Dee-A



  • Carly Naples got replaced by Courtney Lollis and credited in this video until end of the video era/series. However, she's not in this video, but she is still in the intro/outro until the end of this video.
  • This episode is the last video to feature the Biggles (who aren't the chefs, mother or father of Billy, Ruby or Freckles Biggle) and Asa Bernstine, Angelica Ginn, Brady Kimball, Cory Kotas, Courtney Lollis, Megan Miyahira, and Sara Perks and the Adventure in Biggleland song/intro/outro.
  • This is the last video to have the names in the credits not in Brussels Regular print.
  • This video was taped at Point Fermin Lighthouse and Point Fermin Park in San Pedro, California.
  • This is the last 90's Kidsongs video.
  • This is the last Sony Wonder video.

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