Kidsongs: Billy Biggle's Favorite Songs (now retitled as My Favorite Songs in 2002) is a View-Master Video released in 1994.

Biggle Cast

  • William "Billy"/Ruby Biggle (voiced by Julene Renee)
  • William "Billy" Biggle (costumed by Frat Fruller)
  • Ruby Biggle (costumed by Kimberly Bretto Smith)

Host Kids

  • Matthew Bartilson
  • Christian Buenaventura
  • Megan Miyahira
  • Alexandra Picatto


1. Down By the Bay

2. Jim Along Josie

3. Five Little Monkeys

4. Bingo

5. Michael Finnegan

6. We're Gonna Get Wet

7. Take Me Out to the Ball Game

8. Down by the Station

9. I've Been Working on the Railroad

10. Raccoon and Possum

11. The Farmer in the Dell

12. Old MacDonald Had a Farm

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