Kidsongs: I Can Dance! is the twenty-second entry of Kidsongs Music Video Stories released on June 10, 1997.


The Kidsongs Kids

The Biggles


  1. I Can Dance! (also used during the end credits)
  2. Dancing in the Street
  3. Charleston
  4. Don't You Just Love to Waltz? (sung to the tune of My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean)
  5. Twist and Shout
  6. Mexican Hat Dance
  7. The Yellow Rose of Texas
  8. Come On and Conga
  9. Barefootin'
  10. Mashed Potato Time
  11. At the Hop




  • Posters for My Best Friend's Wedding and Contact are seen on a wall during "Dancing in the Street".
  • Pete Fremin (same person who played Silly Willy in Kidsongs: Very Silly Songs and Mr. Frost in The Kidsongs Television Show) makes a cameo appearance as the dance instructor in "Don't You Just Love to Waltz?".
  • This video was taped at Santa Monica Pier and Third Street Promenade, is now known as Downtown Santa Monica in Santa Monica, California and Camarillo Ranch in Camarillo, California.
  • This is the first Sony Wonder video.
  • Songs from this video can be seen in The Kidsongs Television Show.

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