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Kidsongs: If We Could Talk to the Animals is the sixteenth entry of Kidsongs Music Video Stories released on October 8, 1993, marking the final entry of the original Kidsongs era.



The Kidsongs Kids

Adult Cast


  1. Hound Dog (Elvis Presley)
  2. If We Could Talk to the Animals (also used during at the end credits)
  3. Five Little Monkeys
  4. Raccoon and Possum (Original)
  5. Over in the Meadow
  6. The Bear Went Over the Mountain
  7. The Farmer in the Dell
  8. The Kickin' Mule
  9. The Old Hen
  10. See Ya Later, Alligator (Bill Haley and his Comets)


  • This marks the end of the how original Kidsongs were made.
  • This is the last Kidsongs cassette in later Kidsongs music.
  • Christian, Megan, Alexandra, and Katie will appear once more in the Kidsongs TV Show (PBS version) the following year after this.
  • This is the last video to contain only children and adults.
  • Christian, Tiffany, Shira, Michelle and Boo were also seen in the Mickey's Fun Songs videos.
  • This is the only video where Lauren Jackson appears by herself; the other videos that she appeared in also featured her older sister, Bermina.
  • Songs from this video can be seen in The Kidsongs Television Show.
  • It was the last Kidsongs video to be released in mostly white boxes with a color-coded box flap depending on a video.
  • This video was taped at Animal Actors of Hollywood in Thousand Oaks, California and JMJ Ranch in Thousand Oaks, California.
  • Production for this video took place in August 1992.


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