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Kidsongs: Play Along Songs is the fifteenth entry of Kidsongs Music Video Stories released on May 25, 1993.


The show begins when the Kidsongs Kids skip along to Professor Majorchord's Academy of Music for their new music lesson as they pass by a police officer. Professor Majorchord greets them hello and welcome them to his Academy of Music as he opens his coat full of instruments inside. Majorchord explains that during their lesson they are going to sing songs, play instruments and learn a multitude of minutia. He also tells them that there was one thing he was serious about at his school of music: it was that everyone must have a wonderful time. He says that today that they are going out into the world as they study their world of music. Their journey started out from his Academy of Music (Come on and Join in the Game) to Fooba Wooba John's place, where they meet Fooba Wooba John, a wacky tuba player ( Fooba Wooba John). Professor Majorchord questions "did your hear it resonance Fooba Wooba John was able to achieve out of his tuba?". They later go to the train museum, where they go for a fantastic train ride leaded by the Stationmaster (Down by the Station). They also meet Pierre the artist, who couldn't decide what color to paint his picture of carousel horses, so he uses them all, thanks to Professor Majorchord and the Kidsongs Kids (Oh, Dear! What Should the Color Be?). The Kidsongs Kids rode on little red wagons pulled by older Kidsongs kids (Bumpin' Up and Down) and meet Dr. Smithsonian, who knows about oceanography (Three Little Fishies) and others in nature in the spring (The Green Grass Grows All Around). Professor Majorchord and the Kidsongs Kids sing and play with their percussion instruments (Chickie Chickie Beat) and visits Rebecca who has a cold and is surrounded by ten other kids in bed with her (Ten in a Bed). Professor Majorchord tells her to get better and they'll see her back in class next week. Rebecca agrees and plops down on the bed after getting uncrowded and comments "This is more like it.". Finally, Professor Majorchord and the Kidsongs Kids see instruments in the fountain and Professor Majorchord comments, "I hear a finale coming on". Professor Majorchord and his friends sing and parade with instruments as they celebrate the music day to Join the Band (Join the Band).


The Kidsongs Kids

Kidsongs Extras - Bumpin' Up and Down

Kidsongs Extras - Ten in the Bed

Adult Cast

Cameo Adult Cast


  1. Come on and Join the Game
  2. Fooba Wooba John
  3. Down by the Station
  4. Oh Dear, What Should the Color Be?
  5. Bumpin' Up and Down (in My Little Red Wagon)
  6. Three Little Fishes
  7. And the Green Grass Grows All Around
  8. Chickie Chickie Beat
  9. Ten in the Bed
  10. Join the Band (Michael Lloyd) (also used during at the end credits)


  • Production for this video took place in 1992.
  • This is the only video where the Kidsongs Kids wear The Kidsongs Club T-shirts. The girls wear pink and yellow while the boys wear aqua green and blue.
  • During the song "Come on and Join the Game", the viewer can hear the Roland D-50 internal patch "Pipe Solo" and Emu Proteus Orchestral timbre "Proteus 2-Piccolo", which were heard in Kidsongs: Very Silly Songs.
  • Songs from this video can be seen in The Kidsongs Television Show.
  • In the song "Bumpin' Up and Down (in My Little Red Wagon), Miyoko Chilombo, Bre Seltzer, Bermina Jackson, Eric Stretch, and Mac May cameo appeared. Miyoko pulled Miyagi, Bre pulled Katie, Bermina pulled Michelle, Eric pulled Patricia, and Mac pulled Danielle.
  • The video marks the first appearance of Professor Majorchord. His final appearance was on The Kidsongs TV Show.
  • Click here for Kidsongs: Play Along Songs/Transcript
  • This video was/is the 2nd video filmed at Universal Studios Hollywood in Universal City, California as do Very Silly Songs footages.
  • In The World of Kidsongs VHS promo, the VHS cover had Professor Majorchord on the right, holding a double bass with Danny in the middle, and Christian on the left, while Danielle holding maracas with Lauren was in the bottom right.
    • In the original VHS cover, Professor Majorchord opens part of his coat, while Lauren takes a toy saxophone to play with. Danielle also had maracas, while Christian holds the sousaphone and Danny holds the double bass.


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