The VHS Cover of Kidsongs: Ride the Roller Coaster with Sh'Vaughn Heath, David Chan, Josh Wiener, and Hillary Hollingsworth on the roller coaster.

Kidsongs: Ride the Roller Coaster is the eleventh entry of Kidsongs Music Video Stories released in March 1990, marking the first 90's entry.

It features many rides from the park in that period, including Revolution, Ninja, Colossus, Z-Force, Gold Rusher, and Wile E. Coyote Coaster.


The Kidsongs Kids

Cameo Adult Cast


  1. Let's Twist Again
  2. Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On
  3. Little Deuce Coupe
  4. Fast Food (Michael Lloyd)
  5. Here We Go Loopty Loo (Traditional)
  6. Anything You Can Do
  7. Splish Splash
  8. A Pirate's Life
  9. We're Gonna Get Wet (Michael Lloyd)
  10. 1812 Overture (instrumental)


Ride the Roller Coaster Kidsongs Rollercoaster Kid Song Twist Water Ride Kids PBS Kids

Ride the Roller Coaster Kidsongs Rollercoaster Kid Song Twist Water Ride Kids PBS Kids



  • This video takes place at Six Flags in Valencia, California and was recorded in Summer 1989 and Summer 1990.
  • One of the roller coasters that was used in this video, Colossus, was converted by Rocky Mountain Construction (RMC) into Twisted Colossus in 2015.
  • Revolution was refurbished into The New Revolution in 2016 with a VR experience. Two years later, the VR option was removed.
  • Wile E. Coyote Coaster is now known as Magic Flyer.
  • The restaurant the kids eat at, Candy Kitchen, is now known as Cartoon Candy Kitchen.
  • Viper, Six Flags Magic Mountain's 1990 addition, was opened on April 7, around three months before this video was released. However, it wasn't built when this video was filming.

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