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A boy on the left with the mom in the song "Down By the Bay", and Miyoko on the cover.

Kidsongs: Very Silly Songs is the twelfth entry of Kidsongs Music Video Stories released in July 1990. It was recorded in Summer 1989 at Universal Studios Hollywood in Los Angeles, California and released on VHS and laserdisc by View-Master Video, Warner Bros. Records, and Together Again Productions in July 1990.



  • Pete Fremin (same person who played Jack Frost in The Kidsongs Television Show) as Silly Willy
  • Mary Bartram as Silly Jilly
  • Claudia Saldivar as the Wife
  • Stan Yale as the Junkman
  • Kerry "Sloan" Fischer (same person who played Professor Majorchord in Kidsongs: Play Along Songs) as Professor Quackenbush
  • Lillian Byrd as Mrs. Daffodilly
  • Gaston La Franché as Michael Finnegan
  • John David as the Mailman
  • Don Mincey as the Farmer and Butcher
  • Silenus Honey as the Man with the Watch
  • Gary J. Raymond(same person who played Fooba Wooba John in Kidsongs: Play Along Songs) as the Baker
  • Gary Morgan as the Man on Stilts
  • John Stark as the Painter
  • Judi Stewart as the Florist
  • J.R. Patterson as the Police Cop
  • Carol Huth as the Mom

The Kidsongs Kids

Song List

  1. The Name Game
  2. Down By the Bay
  3. Rig-a-Jig-Jig
  4. Mail Myself to You
  5. Purple People Eater
  6. Fiddle-I-Dee
  7. The Thing
  8. Jim Along Josie
  9. Michael Finnegan
  10. Do the Silly Willy


  • The video was taped at Universal Studios Hollywood.
  • Because of timing, the cast credits are shown during the middle part of "Do the Silly Willy". A clearer version with the credits replaced by the invisible credits is shown on a full sneak video clip from or on some 2001 Rebecca (Tyler's twin? sister), Ori, Daniell, Portia, Miyoko, Noah, Timothy/Patrick (Cool twin brothers), Jenna, Darlene, Veena, Patricia, Sean, Jason, Teddy, Cara, Thomas, Mac, Rashona/Shalana (Miller twin sisters), Jamie Mutter, Garret, Janessa, Ariki, Bre (Chad's old sister) and Miles replaced Suzanne, Nicki, Dannon, David Chan, Katinka, Kristy, Kenny, Annie/Christina (Gibbons probably twin sisters), Sh'Vaughn, Myisha, Jennifer Kanyer, Jensen, Ninette, Malcolm, Gordon/Nicole (Mandich brother and sister), Nicholas, Andres, Ryan Olson, Catherine, Tarrish/Triskin/Trek/Tuhk (Potter brothers and sisters), Shauna, Richard and Joshua Weiner.
  • In the next video, Raquel, Tyler/Rebecca, Ori, Daniell, Portia, Noah, Timothy/Patrick, Jenna, Darlene, Veena, Patricia, Jason, Hillary, Teddy, Cara, Thomas, Mac, Rashona/Shalana, Jamie Mutter, Garret, Ariki, Brian, Andera and Miles try to get replaced by Christian, Jahi (Miyoki's sister), Lauren (Myisha and Bermina's sister?), Stephanie (Nycole's sister), Michelle, Ashley, Neil, Eric, Danny, Briahnna, Shira and Danielle (Joshua Weiner's and Sabrina's sister).
  • Russ, Mary Bartam, Claudia, Stan, Kerry, Lillian, Gaston, John David, Don, Silenus, Gary J., Gary Morgan (Bonnie/Molly's father?), John Stark, Judi, J.R. and Carol replaced Andre & Mary McLaughlin (Nancy's sister?).
  • Russ, Stan, Kerry, Lillian, Gaston, John David, Silenus, Gary J., Gary Morgan, John Stark, Judi, and Carol try to get replaced by Barbara Logan, Rob, Michael Bennett, and Ramona (Myisha, Lauren, and Bermina's mother) in the next video.

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