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Kidsongs Musical Mystery
is a PC/DOS game that features Kidsongs characters Billy and Ruby Biggle as they hunt down the musicians' missing instruments. It was released in 1996 by TerraGlyph.


The game starts out when Mr. Forbes, Mrs. Wilson and the Kidsongs kids were excited about Professor Majorchord and his Harmonious Orchestra are about to do a concert, but when they discover that the musicians had lost their instruments, Billy appears and becomes detective to find the instruments to give back to Professor Majorchord and his Harmonious Orchestra.

Professor Majorchord gives instructions to help him and all the other musicians find their instruments. Billy sets off to find them. Billy goes off to the Musical Mall, where Dr. Smithsonian had lost her trombone. When the trombone was found, Dr. Smithsonian became happy playing it.

Then, Billy goes to the Melody Museum, where they meet Bob and finds his bongo drums. Then, they go back to the Kidsongs studio, and transport to Knocky the Door Knocker. Billy sets off to Rhythm Ranch where he meets Monsieur Pierre of Paris, who lost his accordion. Billy finds his accordion and gives it to Pierre. Then, he goes to Rock Around The Park, where he meets Billy Daffodilly who cannot find his harmonica. Billy searches in the Musical Castle, which was full of musical royalty with magic dust. Billy finds Doctor Li's French horn in Rock Around The Park.

Then, Billy goes Down By The Bay, where he meets Doctor Li, who lost her French horn and returns the French horn to her. Billy goes under the sea in his submarine where he sees a lot of undersea surprises! Billy finds Billy Daffodilly's harmonica. He returns to Rock Around The Park and returns the harmonica to Billy Daffodilly.

Billy travels to Fa La La Lane, where he finds Manuel the Magnificent's flute and returns it to him. Then, he travels to Beat Street, where he meets Officer Betty, who lost her whistle.



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