Kidsongs is sort of a Kids Incorporated knockoff and an United States American children's media franchise, which includes Kidsongs Merchandise. 

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Television series

The Kidsongs Television Show debuted in September 19, 1987 with 26 half-hour episodes distributed by Orbis Entertainment.  The half-hour, live action episodes featured the Kidsongs Kids running their own TV show in a top 8 countdown style show featuring music videos from the Kidsongs home video series. The syndicated show ran on network affiliates primarily on Saturday mornings."The Kidsongs Television Show Launched", TV Facts Figures & Film, September 1987 It garnered excellent ratings and ran for 2 years before moving to the Disney Channel for another four years. The show won the prestigious Excellence in Children's Programming Award from ACT. In 1987-1988, in season 1, this show was called The Kidsongs TV Show In 1994, a new version of the television series was developed by Rosenstein and produced in conjunction with Chicago public television station WTTW and distributed by American Public Television to PBS stations nationally. Airing as part of the PBS Kids "The Kidsongs Television Show" aired throughout the country and by 2017 reached 89 percent of households. Many of the original Kidsongs videos were used in the public television series along with new educational content and in-studio guests. The kids are joined by the adorable fantasy characters Billy and Ruby Biggle and their magical friends from Biggleland. The Biggles help the children resolve their problems and concerns in a comforting, kind way. They address age-appropriate issues, such as not wanting to share, jealousy, friendship, telling the truth and patience Seasons two through five of The Kidsongs Television Show totalled 80 episodes. The series ran on Public Television for six years winning critical acclaim. Currently, fifteen episodes of The Kidsongs Television Show are available on DVD, "" and the series is also available in its entirety on digital download through iTunes and Amazon Instant Video.

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