Let's Be Silly is an original Kidsongs song from Kidsongs: Adventures in Biggleland: Meet the Biggles in which this song shows all the places in Biggleland, even in the places everyone live in right now. Its tune is an accumulative (add-on-and-repeat) form.


This is the firehouse (2x)

Everything so shiny

Let's be silly; we're on our way.

2. The bandstand...Can't-'cha hear the music?

3. The toystore... I'm-ah feeling playful!

4. The bakery... What-cha got cookin'?

5. The library... So many stories...

6. The treehouse... Over by the mountain

7. The doghouse... A-woofing and a-barkin'

Let's be silly; we're on our way!

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