Let's Look It Up is the 13th episode of the fourth season of The Kidsongs Television Show. It was renamed Let's Learn About Animals in 2006.


The Kidsongs Kids discover fun facts about animals. Mimi interviews Joan Embery of the San Diego Zoo and Wild Animal Park who brings a toucan, a springhaas and a cheetah.



The Biggles

The Kidsongs Kids

Special Guests

  • Joan Embery
  • Pinocchio the Toco Toucan
  • Springhaas
  • Cramer the Cheetah


  1. The Kidsongs TV Show Theme
  2. Jeepers Creepers (from Kidsongs: Baby Animal Songs)
  3. Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer (from Kidsongs: We Wish You a Merry Christmas)
  4. See Ya Later, Alligator (from Kidsongs: If We Could Talk to the Animals)
  5. Oh, You Beautiful Doll (from Kidsongs: Baby Animal Songs)
  6. Purple People Eater (from Kidsongs: Very Silly Songs)
  7. Five Little Monkeys (from Kidsongs: If We Could Talk to the Animals
  8. Do Your Ears Hang Low? (from Kidsongs: A Day with the Animals)
  9. Don't You Just Love to Waltz? (from Kidsongs: I Can Dance!)
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