Monster Truck Day is the 19th episode of the fourth season of The Kidsongs Television Show. It was renamed We Love Trucks in 2006.


Its a fun filled day at the Kidsongs studio, as the Kidsongs Kids learn about trucks. The kids invite a professional monster truck driver & his truck "Survivor" to get an inside look at the world of these unique vehicles.



The Biggles

The Kidsongs Kids

Special Guests


  1. The Kidsongs TV Show Theme
  2. I Like Trucks (from Kidsongs: Cars, Boats, Trains and Planes)
  3. Mail Myself to You (from Kidsongs: Very Silly Songs)
  4. Home on the Range (from Kidsongs: Sing Out, America!)
  5. Down by the Station (from Kidsongs: Play Along Songs)
  6. Little Deuce Coupe (from Kidsongs: Ride the Roller Coaster)
  7. Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On (from Kidsongs: Ride the Roller Coaster)
  8. Little Red Caboose (from Kidsongs: Boppin' with the Biggles)
  9. Drivin' My Life Away (from Kidsongs: What I Want to Be!)
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