Nicole Mandich (born November 3, 1977 in Los Angeles, California) (who had a brother named Gordon Mandich) is an American actress. She was a former Kidsongs kid who starred in the following videos:

  1. Kidsongs: I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing (1986) (where she played Victoria). She also decided to visit her cousin Michelle in Paris for one of the songs with Mr. World.
  2. Kidsongs: Cars, Boats, Trains and Planes (1986)
  3. Kidsongs: Sing Out, America! (that got retitled/renamed "Home on the Range" in 1990 and "Yankee Doodle Dandy" in 2002) (1986)
  4. Kidsongs: What I Want to Be! (released in 1986) where she cameo appeared in the song "Them Bones".
  5. Kidsongs: The Wonderful World of Sports (that got retitled/renamed "Let's Play Ball" in 1990) (1987)
  6. Kidsongs: A Day at the Circus (1987) in which she wore a black shirt with swirls of color and pink pants.
  7. The Kidsongs TV Show (1987-1988, Season 1)
  8. Kidsongs: Ride the Roller Coaster (1990) in which she was particulary seen wearing a blue polo shirt with pink, white, and yellow decorated stripes on it and black bike shorts with long straight brown hair. She was best mentioned competing against Trek Potter at the arcades in the song "Anything You Can Do" where she beat him in the first part of the song. Nicole was also seen where she told the Kids where did they wanted to go first as well.

She replaced Courtney Kettenberg in 1986 and was replaced in 1990 by Bre Seltzer. Nicole shares a birthday with her brother Gordon as well as fellow Kidsongs kids Robby Rosellen and Ryan Olson. She also went on to star in General Hospital, CSI: NY and other television roles.


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