Patricia "Patty" Gonzalez (born March 6, 1983 as Patricia Rosa-Faye Gonzalez) is a Hispanic Kidsongs kid. She has black hair and light skin. She first appeared in Kidsongs: Very Silly Songs (1990) (having a black ponytail and wearing a white t-shirt, and a gray/black sleeveless t-shirt and black/gray track pants), and Kidsongs: Play Along Songs (1993) (wearing hairclips, a yellow Kidsongs Club shirt and rainbow basketball shorts), where she was even found playing the trumpet and French horn. She replaced Suzanne Aoki in 1990 and was substituted/slipped in by Stephanie Koyano in 1992 and returns in 1993 and replaced by Megan Miyahira in late 1993/1994. Patty now works for college and is a business agent. Patty is the oldest of the 5 daughters of her family. She shares a birthday with Kidsongs kids, Alexandra Picatto (who was born at the same time) and Lauren Jackson.

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