Practice Makes Perfect is a 1987 Kidsongs original song/made-up song which appeared in the video Kidsongs: The Wonderful World of Sports (now Kidsongs: Let's Play Ball!) (1987). This song features Nicole Mandich, Todd Alyn Durboraw, Jamie Weins, Ingrid Dupree, Ryan Kirk (who was uncredited), Tina Marie Espinoza, and Steven Brooks.


Practice makes perfect I can see
You gotta practice if you wanna be
The best
The best you can be

Practice makes perfect and you’ll see
You can do anything eventually
Oh woah
Practice makes perfect
Try it and see

I got to push the ball ahead
As fast as I can
My feet do the work
The ball never touches my hands
I see an opening to break on through
Now’s the chance to show just
What I can do

Repeat chorus

I am the goalie and I’m going
To make a save
I could be nervous but I’m not
I’m feelin’ so brave
I’m ready to act
I block it easily

Repeat chorus


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