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Professor Majorchord's Music Lesson is the twentieth episode of the second season of The Kidsongs Television Show.


Chris Aguilar

Christian Buenaventura

Mark Humphrey II

Megan Miyahira

Hassan Nicholas

Alexandra Picatto

Katie Polk

Janessa Ray

Melanee A. Shale

Janet Veyts

Kevin Williamson Jr.

Character Cast

Billy Biggle: Frat Fuller and Dan O'Luinn

Ruby Biggle: Amy Manlapaz and Scott Malchus

Voice Talents: Julene Renee

Guest: Professor Majorchord (Kerry Fischer)


Today's theme of this show is music and musical instruments. Billy and Ruby also get in to the musical mood, too, as the hosts talk about the many different instruments we can all play! Professor Majorchord will also show us that the orchestra uses four sections: the strings, brass, percussion and woodwind. As Billy plays many different instruments like the keyboard, drums (especially when he likes all drums and demonstrates the tympani), guitar, and flute, each instrument will be featured in each song. It's gonna be a musical day for the kids and the Biggles to enjoy!


The piano and strings were heard in "On Top of Spaghetti".

The flute was heard in "Here We Go Loopty-Loo".

The tympani, trumpets and French horn were heard in "The Circus is Coming to Town".

The snare drum was heard in "Boom Boom (Ain't it Great to Be Crazy!)".

The keyboard was heard in the "Pet Shop Medley" and "The Candyman".

The guitar was heard in "Here We Go 'Round the Mulberry Bush".

All of the instruments were heard in "Join the Band".

During the dialog, the keyboard player for the keyboard, flute, trumpet, snare drum and percussion programming is Michael Lloyd on a Kurzweil.

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