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Ruby Biggle is a cute and beautiful pink and purple female biggle who debuted in The Kidsongs TV Show's 2nd Season's 13th Episode, I Can't Play Sports. She is Billy's older sister.


Ruby is sweet, loving and kind to all Kidsongs Kids, including Billy Biggle and Freckles. She is always there to help when there is trouble. Like Billy Biggle, Ruby changes color when she is sad, mad, or sick (for example, in the Kidsongs TV Show's 4th season's 20th Episode, Ruby changes color to green when she is feeling green).


Ruby is a female biggle with a pink coat and has a purple tail, purple hair and yellow ears she has a light pink tummy and light pink paws. She also has a pouch hinting that she could be a marsupial. Ruby usually wears yellow bow on her head but has occasionally worn something else in it's place.


  • Ruby appears to be the most favorite among the fans.
  • Ruby is the most notable female biggle.
  • Throughout the series Ruby has shown signs of being tomboyish.
  • It was proven in Baby Animal Songs that she loves baby animals.
  • It's possible that she's a railway enthusiast for in Boppin' with the Biggles it was proven that one of her favorite dances was The Locomotion and she knew some things about trains.
  • In one of the Kidsongs coloring pages she was wearing a western dress as part of her cowgirl outfit but in the series all she wears is a cowgirl vest and a cowgirl hat.
  • She's had a few skirt peeks throughout the series as well as tail peeks.
  • Ruby Biggle is voiced by Julene Renee, in Season 2, Amy Manlapaz performed in the Ruby suit. For the later videos from 1994 to 1995 and for Season 3, Ruby was performed by Kimberly Bretto-Smith. For the last 2 seasons and for the last 4 videos, she was played by Marilyn Rising.
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