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The Kidsongs Television Show is a music/song television show. There are videotaped nursery rhymes/cover version(s) of pop songs.


The Kidsongs Television Show debuted on September 19, 1987, with 26 half-hour episodes distributed by Orbis Entertainment. The half-hour, live action episodes featured the Kidsongs Kids running their own TV show in a top 8 countdown-style show, featuring music videos from the Kidsongs home video series. The syndicated show ran on network affiliates, primarily on Saturday mornings. In 1994, a new version of the television series was developed by Rosenstein and produced in conjunction with Chicago public television station WTTW, and distributed by American Public Television to PBS stations nationally. Airing as part of the PBS Kids "Ready to Learn" block, The Kidsongs Television Show aired throughout the country and, by 1998, reached 89 percent of households. The show also made reruns on Noggin from 2003-2006

Logo Timeline

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Biggle Cast (Seasons 2-4)

  • William "Billy" Biggle (Frat Fuller and Dan O'Quinn; voice by Julene Renee)
  • Ruby Biggle (Kimberly Bretto Smith, Scott Malchus, Amy Manlapaz and Marilyn Rising; voice by Julene Renee)

The Kidsongs Cast and Adults

The show are listed in alphabetical order. The adults are played by real actors and one actress.