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The Kidsongs Television Show is a music/song television show. There are videotaped nursery rhymes/covers of pop songs.


The Kidsongs Television Show was aired on PBS in 1994-1998. In 1987-1988, in season 1, it was called "The Kidsongs TV Show". In 2000, in United Arab Emirates (Arab League), It was called "الأغاني/الموسيقى لعرض تلفزيون الشباب" and "The Songs/Music for the Young Television Show".

Logo Timeline

Biggle Cast

  • William "Billy" Biggle (Frat Fuller and Dan O'Luinn; voice by Julene Renee)
  • Ruby Biggle (Kimberly Bretto Smith, Scott Malchus, Amy Manlapaz and Marilyn Rising; voice by Julene Renee)

Kids and Adults

Similar to the 2000 Kidsongs logo with Biggles.

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