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The Lion Tamer

The Lion Tamer is the song in the video A Day at the Circus. It featured Alan Gold. In this song, the Roland TR-808, Linn LM-1 and Linn 9000 were heard.


The lion is the king of beasts,
Look at how proud he stands.
So rough and tough when the lions roar,
You can hear it across the land.

I'm so scared, 'cause they're so big,
Look at those giant teeth.
He's the lion tamer,
They all do what he says.

They jump through hoops,
And they jump through fire.
He's always in command,
He's the lion tamer.

The tiger has so many stripes,
Such big teeth and claws.
The tamer's in there by himself,
He's not afraid of those claws.

Refrain second and third stanzas
He's the lion tamer.