The Ringmaster Song-0

The Ringmaster Song-0

The Ringmaster Song is an original song in the video A Day at the Circus. It was sung by Chris Finch and Dinny McGuire.


I can wear a top hat,
And I can wear some tails,
Workin' every night never fails.

My vest is sparkling like the stars,
There is no one quite like me,
All this is my responsibility.

Look at me, I'm leadin' the show,
I make things smooth, I make things go,
Nobody can do a better job than me.

Look at me, I'm doin' my best,
There's no time for takin' a rest,
The ringmaster's in charge, just look at me.

I motion to the spotlight,
To show us all the clowns,
They sure are the funniest guys around.

I direct the elephants,
And the man on the flyin' trapeze.
The ringmaster's here, so attention please.

Refrain third and fourth stanzas

Won't cha look at me?

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