• Last year in February, you helped do some cleanup when an anonymous user came by and started creating User talk pages with typically nothing but numbers. Unfortunately, the way you did it created some collateral damage.

    For example, when the user at the IP address created the User talk page for Kirkburn, you put in a message that Kirkburn was a sockpuppet of Barneymiller123abc, then added added a matching category to Kirkburn's profile page.

    Kirkburn is actually a Fandom employee, so this isn't correct. But without looking at the history of the page to see that you were responding to what the IP had done, other people won't know that. They'll see you saying "Kirkburn is a sockpuppet of Barneymiller123abc and the IP address is somehow involved in this."

    All of the people affected by's actions were chosen at random. I was one of them, back in October 2016, but I didn't do anything about it except for making a note about what happened.

    Those User talk pages got locked down when the Message Wall was activated a few months ago, so I can't do anything about that, but I am going to fix the profile pages. That same person's still creating these numbers-only nuisance pages here and on other wikis under various IP addresses, so you'll see me here for a while cleaning up the messes.

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    • Actually, as I look at it, the IP address may not have even been used by Barneymiller123abc. Other accounts were also hit, so it probably just was a case of more names picked at random.

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    • A FANDOM user
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