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Trek Potter (born on January 25, 1979) is a former child actor and Kidsongs kid. He only appeared in Kidsongs: Ride the Roller Coaster that same year.

Personal Life

Trek Potter is the son of Dan & Jeanine Potter, and is one of five children. Trek's brother Tuhk and sisters Triskin & Tarrish were child actors who appeared alongside him in the series.

Today, Trek is married with five children. He currently works as the American-German man/Director of Operations at USAF Squadron in Germany.

He shares a birthday with former Kidsongs kid, Janelle Keith.

Other Works

Trek appeared in the 1990 film, "Captain America." In 1991, he starred in a TV short called "The Letters from Moab" and guest-starred on the TV series, "Thirtysomething" in the episode, "California."

Potter Family
Trek Potter . Dan Potter (father) . Jeanine Potter (mother) . Tarrish Potter (younger sister) . Triskin Potter (older sister) . Tuhk Potter (little brother)