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Working Together is the 9th episode of the fourth season of The Kidsongs Television Show. It was renamed Let's Work Together in 2008.


The ideas of teamwork and helping each other fill the Kidsongs set as the Kidsongs Kids prepare to greet their guest, renowned harmonica player Bobby Joe Holman. Kamran fixes cameraman Lana's zoom control and Michael helps Lana learn more about harmonicas.



The Biggles

The Kidsongs Kids

Special Guest

  • Bobby Joe Holman


  1. The Kidsongs TV Show Theme
  2. Come On and Conga (from Kidsongs: I Can Dance!)
  3. Button Up Your Overcoat! (from Kidsongs: I Can Do It!)
  4. Skip To My Lou (from Kidsongs: A Day at Old MacDonald's Farm)
  5. Anything You Can Do (from Kidsongs: Ride the Roller Coaster)
  6. Fooba Wooba John (from Kidsongs: Play Along Songs)
  7. How Does Your Garden Grow? (from Kidsongs: I Can Do It!)
  8. Oh Susanna (from Kidsongs: Home on the Range)
  9. Oh Susanna (Reprise) (Harmonica Music)
  10. Campfire Medley (from Kidsongs: A Day at Camp)
  11. If You're Happy and You Know It (from Kidsongs: A Day at the Circus)